14 Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader

                          The 14 Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader has been developed to assist in the dispersal of all flange joint types with a minimum access gap. The tools can be used during pipework building, commissioning, or tedious maintenance. The 14 Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader has fewer moving parts and no finger tweak points. The tools have been industrialized to increase the spreading distance on each step while gaining calmer access between any residual stud bolts within the flange joint. The tools deliver a much higher spreading force than the present flange spreading tools. The tools are supplied with swivel handles, safety lanyards, and stepped block attachment as standard.

14-ton Capacity Mechanical Flange Spreader

                               The SWi12/14TM is automatically operated and capable of exerting a 14T Spreading Force. A simple solution to mechanically spreading flange joints with the least access gap of 6.0mm. RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC provides an Innovative Mechanical Flange Spreading Wedge which provides a 30% higher spreading capacity to the SW9TM.  The tool is reduced, lighter, and narrower and it features a swivel handle, no finger pinch-points, and a safety rope as standard.

14 Ton Hydraulic Industrial Flange Spreader, with Spread features 

                           RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC has many Integrated wedge concept tools which are friction-free, smooth, and similar wedge movements eliminating flange harm and spreading arm failure. The features are 

  • Unique interlacing wedge design with no first step bending and risk of slithering out of joint
  • It needs a very small access gap of only 
  • It is a stepped spreader arm design and each step can spread under full load
  • It has few moving parts with mean durability and low care
  • It is Lightweight, handy, and useful in use.
  • Only a 3 – 6mm minimum gap is required to pledge the operation.
  • Can be operated by hand, foot, or by an electric pump

Uses of 14-ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader

                          14-ton Hydraulic Flange Spreaders are used for security opening pipe flanges and it is available in capacities of 10 tonnes the adaptability of the model enables the user to open projections up to 92mm thick. It is operated with a standard hydraulic hand pump and linking hose and supplied in a handy steel storing case. Hydraulic Flange Spreaders can function individually, or as a pair when opening big diameter flanges. With Hydraulic Flange Spreaders it takes proceedings to open the toughest flanges without the jeopardy of sparks caused by mallet blows and chisels.

Properties of 14-ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader:

• It requires an access gap of only 6mm

• It has portable tools to safely spread the flange joints

• It has few moving parts with mean durability and low maintenance

• It is available for both mechanical and hydraulic options

14-Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader with the Internal Pump

                        14-Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader with the Internal Pump has a simple solution to hydraulicly spread flange joints with a minimum access gap of 6.0mm. Hydraulic pumps and all hydraulic jacks were combined into the 14.5 Ton Hydraulic Flange Spreader. The product thus becomes more moveable and easier to use and it is ideal for narrow and very difficult to reach areas of work. The user can move the apparatus at the construction site like a rifle and only one worker can make the flange assembly and the disassembly process. This flange space is enough for working and the flange plates can be opened to the 81mm range. The Equalizer SW14.5TI internal pump hydraulic flange spreader can also be used in natural gas plants, oil refineries, in water and chemical production lines. As it allows the assembly process to be finished quickly and safely it saves labour time and also reduces costs. Flange connection is crucial for mounting and also for dismounting equipment. The Equalizer flange spreaders do not damage the flange surface and sealing remains protected and flange plates can be used for many years.

Difference between old and modern methods of flange spreaders

  • Fluid transmission line installation
  • The routine maintenance services
  • The Renewal in assembly
  • Test operation
  • The Valve maintenance and its installation

                            RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC is instrumental in offering clients a high-quality range of Hydraulic Flange Spreaders and it is constructed with exactness under the strict vigil of practical experts, this range is ideal for leak gasket extra purposes. This is done by dispersal of the pipe flanges safely in the pipeline. Being very light in weight, these spreaders are convenient to use and are used by all and sundry. RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC are manufacturers and dealers of the best range of Flange Spreaders that are typically used for safety opening pipe flanges. These are obtainable in 5 tons & 10 capacities. These spreaders have the competence to open flanges spreaders up to 75 mm thickness. These are provided with a standard hydraulic hand pump and help in linking hose and provided with a handy steel storing case. These are highly valued for their reliability and competence.  RIVERLAKE HYDRAULIC is one of the pioneers engaged in contributing the best quality range of Hydraulic and Manual Pipe Flange spreaders and the Manual Flange Spreaders are used for care opening pipe flanges. Functioned with a standard hydraulic hand pump and linking hose and supplied in a handy steel storage case, Hydraulic Flange Spreaders can be operated separately, or as a pair when original large diameter flanges spreaders.