5 Best Ways to Cure Your Depression Without Medicine

Depression is becoming more and more prevalent in many countries worldwide. A gigantic sum of teenagers and youngsters fall prey to depression and a state of consistent sadness.

This not only hinders their cognitive functions and daily activities but also affects their quality of life. Untreated depression can lead a person to unemployment, co-morbidities, and even suicidal death.

You will find a decent number of people who leave their depression untreated, considering it merely a “mood swing” and, therefore, avoid taking medical advice in this regard. Only a handful of victims of depression understand its life-threatening consequences.

If you are a protagonist of a non-medicinal approach, we have compiled a list of alternatives that you can adopt to treat your depression without using medications. Let’s dive into these depression-relieving tips:

1.      Eat Right

You become what you eat. It is seen that our eating habits largely affect depression, and both are closely related. Depression can cause binge eating, and eating the wrong kind of food can cause depression. Hence, keep a strict check on your diet to get rid of depression.

Organic Supplements

Shifting from sleep-inducing medicine to organic supplements like THCV gummies will relieve your depression. THCV gummies have calming, relaxing effects on your body. They help stabilize the mood and keep the hormones balanced. You will want to check out https://joyorganics.com/products/sunshine-passionfruit-thcv-gummies for a variety of flavors of THCV gummies.

The supplements also come in a variety of forms, including but not limited to capsules, soft gels, oils, and tinctures. For acute episodes of depression, you can also use THCV-containing injections prescribed by a Physician.

In addition to THCV supplements, you can go with safer alternatives, i.e., CBD-infused supplements that bring about the same therapeutic effects in the body.

Anti-Depressing Foods

Not all foods are the same when it comes to curing anxiety, depression, and stress. Some naturally occurring eatables, fruits, or vegetables contain antioxidants and natural properties that relieve symptoms of depression.

Seafood, oysters, and mussels have antidepressant properties and should be preferred fresh.

Green vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and kale are also known to mitigate depressive symptoms. Cabbage, lettuce, and leafy greens also serve the same purpose. You can have a mixed vegetable salad to keep the negative thoughts away.

Vitamin C, minerals, zinc, folate, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, selenium, vitamin A, and vitamin B6 are counted in the list of active ingredients that impart anti-depressant effects to some foods.

Depression-Triggering Foods

Certain types of food sometimes trigger depression. Processed foods, frozen eatables, and fast-food items usually induce pessimistic effects on the brain. Studies have proved that depression is correlated with the consumption of some foods.

The agricultural industry has massively shifted to genetically modified foods, vegetables, and fruits. Unfortunately, all of these foods are high in synthetic nutrients and chemicals that disturb the natural hormonal balance in the body.

Furthermore, desserts like cupcakes, dairy products, and candies have an insane amount of sugar, which triggers hormonal imbalance. Eventually, they make a person feel low and sad.

You can opt for several other alternatives to treat your depression. Regular exercise improves body functioning and metabolism. Other therapies like Electrical stimulation, use of relaxation techniques, yoga, acupressure, and acupuncture are also in place for decades to combat depression.

2.      Exercise More

Exercise is known to have satisfying effects on the human body. When you complete a set of exercises, your body releases chemicals that give you a sense of achievement. This feeling negates the depressive feeling and helps you feel elated.

Depression is caused when you let yourself believe that you are worthless and can not achieve anything in life. Regular exercise makes you see yourself achieving goals, a different version of you than that in your mind. It gives you a sense of achievement and gratitude.

3.      Stay Busy

The saying “an empty mind is a devil’s workshop” is apt for patients with depression. Depression progresses as the person starts to overthink in his free time. When you overthink, you start doubting yourself.

It shatters confidence and leaves you in a state of utter hopelessness. Such progression can further lead to suicidal thoughts.

It is important to nip the evil in the bud. Given that, you should never let your brain wander off. Always keep yourself busy with something productive. It will improve your quality of life and help you defeat depression.

4.      Avoid Screens

Younger generations complain more about depression and other emotional disorders than older adults. A part of this has to do with the increased use of mobile phones and other gadgets that emit harmful radiation.

The light and radiation coming out of mobile phones and other devices disturb the natural rhythms of your body and muddle with the natural sleep cycle. Sleeplessness is followed by overthinking, forming a vicious cycle of depression.

Avoiding the screens completely or limiting the screen time can save you from falling into this vortex of fatal depression. It is recommended to limit the screen time of children and teenagers as it promotes irritable behavior in them.

Cutting down the screen time will not only stabilize the emotions but will also help you sleep better. Proper sleep and refreshed state of mind will eventually treat your depression.

5.      Get Relaxation Therapies

Different professionals provide many relaxation therapies to cure depression and pain caused by mental exhaustion. These include acupuncture, acupressure, color therapy, yoga, etc.

Acupuncture refers to the use of needles on specific tension points on the skin. This process speeds up healing and relieves pain. This procedure has calming effects on the body and can be applied to patients with depression.

Acupressure therapy involves the massage of pressure points in the body. Pressure points and trigger points target a specific organ in the body, and massaging a particular point will enhance the function of the organs it targets. There is nothing better than a 30-minute professional massage to relieve the pressure.

In a nutshell, the non-medicinal alternatives to treat depression can completely eliminate depression from your life. You just have to be consistent with the approaches discussed earlier to experience the claimed results. A healthy mind will not only make your life better but will also benefit the people around you.