Business Card Design Tips

Business Card Design Tips for Maximum Impact and Utility

Business cards are essential for introducing yourself and your business to customers, collaborators, suppliers, and others who can play important roles in making your business successful. Business cards need to be properly designed since not only do they contain your contact information but also serve to boost your brand awareness, build credibility and trust, and project competence and professionalism. Some important businesses card design tips that can maximize its impact:

Decide on a Design That Mirrors Your Brand Personality Well

Your business card serves to introduce your business, which is why its design must reflect the kind of business and your brand well. For example, if you are a manufacturer of modern furniture, your business card should also be clean and uncluttered; however, if you make children’s toys, you can have a livelier and busier layout. The design will also take into account the typeface and the color scheme that fits your brand the best. Regardless of the typeface selected, it should be easy to read. You can consult a designer or a printer to order business cards that look professional.

Organize the Card Contents

The business card can be a powerful marketing tool if you organize all the information well. The card should have your business name and logo prominently displayed. Other important information, like your name and job designation, telephone numbers, email address, social media handles, and business address should be laid out so that readers can find the information they are looking for at a glance. Even though all the information should be easily distinguishable, it should also flow neatly and not disrupt the design. This can be done by adjusting the size and position of the different elements or by including extra white space for relief. According to Forbes, leaving white space also allows you to scribble a personal note to the recipient.

Use the Reverse Side to Add Value

Since the additional cost of printing on the back of the card is marginal, you can use it to include additional information about your company and the products and services. Depending on the business you are in, you can make it a fun space by providing information and suggestions that can be valuable to the recipient. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can include recipes that people can easily make at home. Adding a small magnet to the card allows it to be stuck on refrigerators for easy access.


For your business card to be effective in boosting your brand memorability, you need to give prominence to your business logo. While a white background usually provides the best contrast for the text, you can think of using a color palette drawn from the colors used in your logo. You can even think of using one side of the card to display only the logo and the business name, while the other side can contain the rest of the information. It is important not to clutter the card with too much information as it will be difficult to read. Using white space strategically will help your card to stand out from the rest.

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