Gorgeous Blooms: 5 Best Flower Plants for a Glowing Garden

Imagine a great morning with refreshing flowers around your garden. Indeed an incredible sight to relax and experience the beauty of nature and life. Plants have always been a great addition to one’s home. Furthermore, there are other great reasons why it’s best to start your own garden now! Aside from its undeniable beauty, it also provides multiple benefits you’ll surely enjoy.

A garden has also been admired by many, as it is unique and welcoming for any home. If you have never experienced gardening before, you will surely enjoy how fun and engaging it would be for you and your family. Gardening is also the best way to explore something you have never done before. Something you can enjoy is most especially vital during these challenging times. Indeed, plants can help enhance your health and overall well-being.

If you are new to growing some plants in your garden, it is necessary that you at least have the essential knowledge about how to take good care of them. But you don’t have to worry much! There are many easy-growing yet gorgeous plants you can grow alone. These plants will surely grow your confidence in the garden too. Here, we list down the best plants you can grow in your garden.

1. Gladiolus

These spiky blossoms are also known as flag flowers and sword lily. This plant is known to be fast-growing. Indeed, a great choice for gardeners who want a little drama in the borders. The gladiolus can grow two to five feet tall in your garden. It can also produce amazingly trumpet-shaped flowers with sword-like stems. What makes it more interesting? Gladiolus are great companions for vegetable plants like tomatoes.

This flower can attract pollinating insects that can eventually increase tomato yields in your garden. Gladiolus do best in locations with full sun. Furthermore, they also do best in well-drained soil. To provide enough strength to the plant’s roots, you can plant them six inches under the soil’s surface. Water them thoroughly every week for best results. Plant your own now and take a look at gladiolus flowers that make your garden shine even more.

2. Coneflowers

The coneflowers are well known because of their spiky dark centers with long rays. This flower can come in colors pink and purple, but it is mostly famous for its variety with yellow petals. Not only can it make your garden glow, but coneflowers are also used as medicinal herbs until today. Coneflowers are considered hardy plants.

This plant only requires minimal care as they are drought and heat resistant. They are even animal resistant. It is best to plant the coneflowers in a sunny area to let them bloom further. As mentioned, coneflowers are heat-resistant. Thus they do best in full sun, even without much watering. Direct sunlight to the plant for about six hours is also recommendable. They are also not picky about soil conditions, but alkaline soil can help them grow healthier.

3. Dianthus

One of the gorgeous plants you can add to your garden is the dianthus. They are known to be annual plants that can grow before the hot summer weather. To expect blooms during those seasons, you must plant them early in the spring season. This plant can feature bluish-grey foliage especially when it blooms. Its heaviest blooms are expected during spring and they can even rebloom during fall.

Dianthus is also known for being easy-growing plants that can survive in multiple conditions. Just like the other plants on the list, they also grow best in plenty of suns. However, they don’t prefer the heat during mid-summer. It is best to place the dianthus in front or make them as borders. Water them weekly but make sure the soil is well-drained for best results.

4. Zinnias

Zinnias are plants that can grow well in hot conditions. But gardeners can quickly grow them in any growing condition. Thus, they only require minimal care to survive. Zinnias have bold colors and rough leaves that make them look more attractive. They can grow up to four feet tall. It is also best to plant them during spring.

Plant zinnias in a sunny location with well-drained soil. A well-drained soil helps the plant’s roots to be more healthy and strong. Furthermore, as they are also known to be drought-tolerant, you don’t usually have to water them regularly.

5. Cosmos

Just like other mentioned plants in the list, cosmos is also an easy-to-grow plant. They can grow and reach maturity after about two months. Its unique flowers also attract bees, butterflies, and even birds.  Cosmos can come in colors golden yellow, white, pink, orange, and many more! They can easily create beds in your garden too!

Cosmos love a location with full sun, but they can also tolerate partial shade. Unlike other plants, cosmos prefer neutral to acidic soil. They also require medium moisture and well-drained soil to survive. Unless the soil is completely dry, you don’t have to water them regularly.


Building your own garden is always one of the best projects you can do for your home. Aside from the beauty it can give you over time, it also provides satisfaction and health benefits. Benefits that you and your family would surely enjoy. Today is the best day to get closer to nature and get ready to experience the best in life!

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