Quick Home Improvement Ideas Guaranteed to Make an Impact

Nobody makes home improvements for the fun of it. We all want the changes we make to our home to make a big impact on guests and family. We don’t, however, want to spend hours and blood, sweat, and tears doing it. These quick home improvement ideas are all guaranteed to make an impact, so you can get the reaction you want without the bad back:

Replace Old Hardware

Replacing your old hardware is always a winner. It isn’t too difficult, and it can seriously help to perk up your home. Think of the hardware as the jewellery your home wears on a daily basis. Would you wear rusty, outdated pieces of jewellery? Unless they were very expensive vintage finds, I certainly would not! Replace your old hardware with shiny, new hardware in a cool style to make an impact. Look at your light fittings, door handles, taps, and other bits and pieces.

Make Old Furniture Look New (Or Even Older)

Instead of buying brand new furniture and spending a fortune, why not make your old furniture look new? Give it a coat of varnish, paint, or reupholster it if you’re feeling brave! You could even make it look even older by painting it and distressing it to give it a new but old look.

Swap Your Accessories

Are your home accessories boring? Why not swap them for more exciting pieces? Add new rugs, lamps, tv stand, vases, and other interesting bits to create a new look for your home. Change up your cushions, create interesting displays, and really show off your cool accessories.

Change Your Layout Around

Your layout might not be working for you anymore. It doesn’t cost a penny to change this around, and it certainly shouldn’t take you very long. To make sure your new layout will ‘flow’ nicely, make sure you use a layout planner to help you. Measure everything first too.

Pick Up a Pot of Paint

Sometimes, a simple lick of paint can make a world of difference. Choose a new colour for a new look, or consider getting arty and painting on a pattern if you dare. Buy a stencil first if you’re not very artistic.

Create a Feature Wall

Feature walls are the ultimate accessory in any room. They aren’t compulsory, but they should be! This adds interest to a room. You could fill a wall with photo frames of different shapes and sizes, mirrors, or even one huge piece of art. Use your imagination and inspirational sites to help you. If you rent a home, this is one thing you can do to improve the appearance without having to break your tenancy agreement by making big changes.


Decluttering is easy and free. Stop being a hoarder! A crisp, fresh look in the home is 100 times more preferable than a messy, unkempt look. Your home will look more spacious, and I bet you’ll find it easier to relax.

Well, what are you waiting for? Make an impact using these changes now!

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