Types of Family Law You Should Be Aware Of

Family law is important in keeping families safe and in properly dealing with the issues related to familial relationships. There are different types and an immigrant lawyer can be of help in clarifying each one for you.

In this article, you will have an overview of the types of family laws you should be aware of as an immigrant. 

Marriage Laws

There are legal issues surrounding marriage. These are the following:

  • Prenuptial Agreement

This is a contract that’s made before marriage is carried out. This often involves how to divide or deal with the assets and the rights of each person in the case the marriage fails. 

  • Separation

In the case that a couple would wish to go separate ways, there are two options. Annulment of the marriage is a legal decree that treats the marriage as something that did not occur in the first place. 

The other one is divorce. Technically, this means the termination of marriage. Some couples who separate can still be in touch. In the case of child support, the courts will decide on which side the child will be in where they will be best taken care of.

  • Domestic Violence

This is another serious issue that falls under marriage. These can also fall under the category of dating relationships, child and parent relationships, and elder abuse. But there are still other types of relationships that can involve this issue.

Child Laws

Any time children are involved in the legal system, it can become stressful and take a serious toll on all parties involved and especially so in children. 

Child custody and child support arrangements can work well if the adults are willing to cooperate and communicate with each other but they tend to be messy otherwise. 

Adoption is also one of the things that fall under child laws. This process can become more complicated than it is when dealing with the termination of a biological parent’s rights which may require investigation, interviews, and court hearings. Your immigrant lawyer may be able to direct you to those who specialize in these types of laws.

Child abuse is one of the more unfortunate realities that children may go through. Data shows that these crimes are more widespread than we would like. But they are being addressed in family law as well as criminal law.

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Other Family Laws

There are also other laws that provide a proper way to address issues properly. Inheritance laws are put in place to regulate who is the rightful person to receive the assets and properties of a deceased relative. Changing names is also another law that an immigrant should be aware of. 


Family laws are among the most important laws you should learn when you live in the US so that, should any issue arise, you can address them properly.

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