Types of Vinyl Replacement Windows Guelph

If you have been searching for replacement windows Guelph or one for your new construction, you might have come across vinyl windows. They are a common type nowadays, because of their unique characteristics and many advantages, as we shall learn later in this article.

Vinyl windows are available in many designs and styles, and you can get them in a color of your choice to match your home theme. According to Guelph specialists, these replacement windows Guelph are preferred because of their energy efficiency characteristic, crucial factor homebuyers look for in a new home. 

  1. What Is Vinyl

Vinyl replacement windows in Guelph are manufactured from PVC, a strong plastic that has high insulating properties. These windows can withstand various climates, making them suitable for houses in many climatic regions, whether wet or dry environments. 

The windows do not warp or dent and can withstand severe weather like hurricanes and storms. The strong plastic material is also easy to maintain, and because these windows do not fade, they are easy and cheap to maintain. 

Vinyl windows are easy to clean. When you notice a stain, a damp piece of cloth and clean water can do the cleaning. The downside of vinyl is that once you buy a particular color of windows, you are stuck with it for the rest of your life. This is because the windows cannot be repainted, which is a disadvantage to homeowners who consider changing their home’s theme color after buying vinyl windows. 

  1. Vinyl Window Types

Replacement windows and doors Guelph made of vinyl are available in different shapes and designs, and you can also ask for a custom-made design. However, these will take time to be ready and could cost you more. Some of the standard vinyl window types are;

  1. Sliding Windows

These windows open by sliding the pane upwards on a sliding track. They are energy efficient because of their material and how they tightly close. Sliding windows and doors Guelph are suitable for houses with less space outside because they don’t need extra space for opening. Ensure you lubricate the sliding track and keep it dust and debris-free for the windows to last. 

  1. Casement

These are a common type and are very energy efficient. Casement windows have hinges on the sides, and they crank open like a door. They give unobstructed views and are very good for ventilation and lighting. These replacement windows Guelph are primarily installed in hard-to-reach places like in the kitchen. You can get them in all sizes, depending on the space you have in your house. 

  1. Awning

Awning windows are the most used in wet climatic regions because the windows shield the house from rain. Awning windows come in different sizes, and you can also install them in hard-to-reach places. They are common in washrooms, and those installed here have translucent glass for privacy. The larger sizes are installed in kitchen windows and the living room area. 

  1. Picture Windows

These are common in houses near the ocean or facing a beautiful forest and garden. Picture windows give outside views and let in a lot of light. They are, however, not suitable for ventilation because they don’t open and close as they are basically made of one vast glass without frames. However, these windows can be paired with a casement or awning window for ventilation to enjoy both excellent ventilation and an uninterrupted view of the outside.

  1. Custom-Made Windows

If you have a unique design of windows and doors Guelph, you can show it to the manufacturer and have them custom-make the window for you to fit your specifications and design you need to attain. These windows are a little bit expensive and might take time to be ready. Ensure you get good manufacture for the best windows, and take correct measurements for the space. 

  1. Bay And Bow

Bay and bow replacement windows Guelph make the house beautiful because of their look. These windows are suitable for ventilation and lighting, although they require ample space because they are huge. They fit well in modern houses, and you can get them in different sizes. The windows are installed mainly in the living areas for lighting and ventilation. They also make the space look bigger when installed. 

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