5 Android Apps You Should Start Using!

The Play Store is full of potential. You will find hundreds of categories and millions of apps belonging to those categories on the Play Store. Finding an app that best fulfills your needs is tough. You have to look through hundreds of apps to find the best one but no one has the time, energy, or effort to invest in sifting through apps.

If you’ve recently bought an Android device or upgraded to a newer model and want to explore what the Play Store has for you, you’ve come to the right place looking for help. We’ve rounded up the 5 best Android apps you must download to elevate your Android experience!

  • Plex

If you have media files on your laptop or computer that you want to stream on your Android device without going through the hassles of transferring them, download Plex now. It’s a wonderful app that lets you stream all your movies, videos, and audio without plugging your device into a PC or laptop. You don’t have to worry about creating extra storage space to make room for media files.

You don’t have to do much to get all your media files from your laptop or PC right on your Android device. Just download the app on your Windows or Mac laptop and share the downloaded media files on your hard drive to your Android device whenever you want, and stream them for free! Make sure you have a strong internet connection to do it. Rise Broadband customer service can get you on the fastest Rise Broadband Internet plan so you can stream all your favorite movies, videos, and music whenever you want.

  • Glitch Lab

If taking photos and uploading them on social media is your idea of fun, you need the best photo editing app by your side to create some awesome images. Glitch Lab is a wonderful photo editor that lets you add glitch effects to your images and elevate their aesthetic-ness. If you love creating retro images, you’re going to have a ton of fun with Glitch Lab. You can explore over 100 tweaks and effects on the app and transform your editing game!

  • Houzz

If you’ve recently thought about re-doing your house, and need inspiration with furniture and styles, download Houzz on your phone now! You can decorate and furnish your house the way you want and purchase materials and furniture too. You can also get a demo of what your living space would look like with furniture you’ve bought by using augmented reality. Explore over 19 million décor ideas and inspirations based on style, budget, and room and remodel or design your dream house now. And the best part is that you can always get in touch with the best interior designers, architects, and professionals in town to help you out!

  • MasterClass

If you’re finally thinking about exploring your passion or discovering a new hobby, MasterClass is the ideal pick for you! You can learn directly from the best world-class instructors out there and explore your skill set. Whether it’s painting or directing, dancing or creative writing, you can learn directly from the biggest names in the field and become a better you! It offers you high-definition video tutorials and material to learn from.

  • Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

If you’re looking for a reliable and customizable keyboard, look no more! Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is an excellent choice for a customizable and reliable keyboard. It comes with incredible features like gesture typing, a predictive engine, multiple language support, and cross-device syncing, to name a few. The built-in algorithms learn your typing speed and language style, names, phrase, slang, and phrases, and predicts the next word or sentence for you. It also offers a variety of emojis, themes, and GIFs to use. Elevate your Android experience with these top 5 apps and simplify your life even more!

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