Boosting Conversion Rates: Optimizing Product Photos for Amazon’s A9 Algorithm

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What the three letters “SEO” mean probably doesn’t need to be explained anymore. For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned again that this is Search Engine Optimization, that is, the (positive) impact of the ranking algorithm.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to imagine that this is an incredible entity as well as an opportunity for sellers, meaning someone who views their offerings on Amazon can look forward to high sales. And indeed, the path to the top of the search results in the market is often easier than one might imagine – yet.

With the help of Amazon’s A9 Algorithm, you can do search engine optimization, product photos Amazon optimization, etc. Let’s learn how to do it all with the help of Amazon’s A9 Algorithm.

What Is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

Amazon’s A9 Algorithm system is the technique that Amazon utilizes to determine how your products are well-ranked in Amazon search result pages.

It’s like the algorithm which Google utilizes for its search result pages, in that algorithm considers keywords in determining which results are relevant to the searched topic and thus, which it will show first.

Proper Amazon Optimization With A9 Algorithm

Well, specifically: what needs to be done to make a product visible on Amazon? At the very beginning, the relevance with which the search robot decides whether the search query matches the result is the same here as with optimization. 

Keywords are directly related to relevancy, which is the choice of relevant terms that potential buyers use to search for your item on Amazon. Therefore, before starting with optimization, you should, first of all, think about your target group, which the following questions can help:

  1. Who buys my product (age, gender, origin, etc.)?
  2. Are there any popular/well-known brands and/or products in this area (also outside of Amazon, such as other online stores, price finders, etc.)?
  3. How does my client perform searches (single search word and/or compound search word)?
  4. What are the USPs of my product compared to competitors (e.g. unique features)?
  5. What is often bought in this context (e.g. accessories or similar items)?

Wild keyword optimization only partially brings something – it’s more important to understand their buyers. If you can answer all of these questions specifically above, you will be able to find the right search terms in a much more targeted and efficient manner.

The Most Important Relevancy Factors

Anyone who has been into Google SEO for some time knows that there are different weighting factors for relevancy scores. In particular: where the keyword is placed and how the content is structured. 

It’s the same on the Amazon A9 algorithm for SEO optimization, because here, too, you need to prioritize where the most important search terms are placed. The following priority list must be respected (in descending order):

  1. Keyword in product name
  2. Use related keywords also
  3. Keywords in bullet points
  4. Keywords in the product description
  5. Keywords in the “alt text” of the product photos Amazon

The Product’s Name

The title should be your most important place to use the keyword. Whether the keyword is placed at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the title does not matter to Amazon.

More important here is the length of your product name. There are currently various submissions – some say you should fill in a maximum of 200 characters, while others require 80-100 characters.

Related Keywords

SEO professionals who have been in the business for a while will remember a time when they could use meta keywords to improve their rankings. Simply place a list of possible keywords in the invisible source code of site visitors and you can improve your position in the search results. 

Bullet Points

Five bullets below price is also very important for rankings, but also and especially for conversions. Although your title still appears in search results, the markers can only be seen when the customer is directly on the product detail page. 


Often neglected, but still important: the description of the product. In most cases, you will have a maximum of 2,000 characters to verbally describe your product and convince a potential buyer to buy. 

Even if the keywords posted here have a much lower priority for the search algorithm, that content is still indexed or made searchable.

Hence, and especially in the product description, great combinations of long-tail keywords that are otherwise unlikely to occur in a headline or bullet point can be established.

Product Photos Amazon

Product photos Amazon is certainly a lot more significant than most sellers think. As an online marketplace involves buying products through the internet (here the shopper cannot feel or touch the items, it makes product photos on Amazon that much more necessary.

It is the only form to visually present to a potential customer what the item is all about, how it will look, what color the product is, and so many more.

You should ensure that you utilize high-resolution product photos on Amazon that are at least 1,000 by 1,000 pixels in size and follow the guidelines of Amazon’s product photos.

Moreover, your photos need to be well-lit as well as present the product’s each angle so that your potential buyer can have a vivid idea of the product. Also, you’ll have to ensure that you very clearly note whether the products have been worn or used before or not.

Additionally, one of the photos must contain the keyword in its alt text. And all these things help you optimize your product on Amazon. 


It’s time to come up with your keywords with the right Keyword Tool for Amazon now that you have a better idea of how the Amazon A9 algorithm functions and some advice on how to improve your Amazon product listing to increase its exposure on the platform.

Hopefully, with our guide on Amazon A9 algorithm, you can optimize your product list with high-quality photos so that you can attract your potential customers. If you follow everything properly to meet the A9 algorithm then no one can stop you from becoming successful on Amazon.

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