Broderick Harvey Jr. – Steve Harvey Son

Broderick Harvey Jr. – Steve Harvey’s Son Bio, Age, Family, Siblings And More

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Broderick Harvey Jr. is a personality is who known from the name of his father Steve Harvey. And many do still call him as Steve Harvey son. But let’s be fair he is more than that. Hence, we are brining you this biography that would help you to know about Harvey Jr. in detail. So let us know more about him.

Broderick Harvey Jr. Biography

Broderick Harvey Jr. is a famous celebrity child of Steve Harvey. Broderick was born on April 29, 1991, as of 2023, he is 32 years old. The birthplace of Broderick is Los Angeles, California, United States. He is also a well-known fashion designer and owner of Fashion Label Need Money Not Friends“. And, he also runs a photography studio known as the B. Harvey Photography Inc. However, to a larger audience, he is best known as the child of Steve Harvey and his first wife, Marcia Harvey.

Broderick Harvey Jr.

Broderick Harvey’s Age

Broderick Harvey Jr. age is 32 years old. His Birth sign is Taurus and his nationality is American.

Broderick Harvey’s Height, Weight and Physical Stats

  • The height of Broderick Harvey Jr. is 5 feet and 9 inches tall.
  • He is a fit person, not a gym freak, who does weigh around 77 kg (169 pounds).
  • Broderick has dark brown eyes and hair.
  • As of 2023, he has not made any tattoos on his body.
  • Broderick, despite being from fashion industry, has not done any cosmetic surgeries yet.
  • His feet size is 8 (US).

Broderick Harvey’s Education

It was North Springs high school where Broderick did go for the studies. The Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia was the place where Broderick did learn bachelor’s degree in Arts. It was the time between 2010 to 2014. He did start his business in 2010. It means that at the time of taking education, he did set his goals high. As he was born to a rich father, Broderick did always get the best of academics support.

Broderick Harvey Jr. Family

Broderick Harvey Jr. is the son of Steve Harvey, who is a world-famous TV host, Producer, Actor, and Comedian. His mother is Marcia Harvey, who is the Steve Harvey ex-wife. He is blessed to have a total of 5 siblings. It does include two siblings and three half-siblings.

Twins Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey are his elder sisters. Jason Harvey and Wynton Harvey are his younger brothers. He feels blessed to have a younger sister in Lori Harvey, who is probably the most famous sibling of them all.

Pauline Harvey and Mona Harvey are his aunts and Terry Harvey is his uncle. Eloise Harvey and Jesse Harvey are his grandparents from the father’s side. The parents of Broderick’s married in 1981 and they did part ways in 1994.

Broderick Harvey Jr. Family

Broderick Harvey’s Siblings

Brandi Harvey

Brandi Harvey is first child of Steve Harvey and the elder sister of Broderick. She came to this world on August 20, 1982, making her zodiac sign is Leo. She and Broderick do share the same parents and hence, they have a kind of a special bond.

Karli Harvey

Karli Harvey is also the elder sister of Broderick’s. In fact, Brandi and Karli are twin sisters. Karli is a well-known entrepreneur and is married to American businessperson named Ben Raymond. Karli does have same date of birth 20 Aug 1982 like  Brandi.

Jason Harvey

Jason Harvey is the third sibling and first brother or half-brother of Broderick. As Jason was born on 27 Aug 1991, he is just a few months younger to Broderick. Hence, they have grown up kind of together. He is biological child of Steve that he did adopt after coming into the life with Marjorie Bridges, who is the third wife of Steve.

Wynton Harvey

Wynton Harvey is the fifth child of Steve and a near and dear brother to Broderick . He did grace this world on 18 July 1997. He is known as a famous social media personality. One can see the art of fashion on Wynton. It is also a reason he in connected to core with Broderick. However, they do not share the same mother as Mary Lee Harvey is the mother of Wynton.

Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey is the famous sister of him. She was born on 13 January 1997 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Marjorie Elaine Harvey is her mother. Lori is known as American model, entrepreneur, and socialite. Out of every Steve’s children, she is the most famous all over the world. At one point of a time, IMG did sign as a part of their Models Management agency.

These are all of the Steve Harvey children.

Broderick Harvey’s Professional Career

Broderick is a well-known fashion designer. In 2010, he did come up with his website where he started to show his love for fashion. It was the father of Broderick who did help him with money to set up the business. He is also a businessman and photographer. It does show him being in multiple fields.

He is also associated with some of his father’s businesses. This does tell a lot about the stable life of Broderick. It has got the boost from his father’s business. This does tell how well Broderick has managed his career very well. He is a Director of Creative Development at Steve Harvey Global, shows his LinkedIn profile.

Broderick Harvey’s Social Media

Broderick has 60.6K followers on Instagram. The user name of the Insta is @bharv. One can see his art and family bonding on Insta. But he is not over expressive. Other than that, he has a business profile on LinkedIn and this is it.

Broderick Harvey’s Net Worth

Broderick Harvey Jr. net worth is estimated at around USD 3.5 million as of 2023. Well, the truth is that being a son of Steve he does have that lineage of money which is passed to him and now from the businesses, he is making more money.

His father Steve Harvey net worth is 210 million USD as of 2023. As he is one of the most celebrated American TV host of all time. Broderick does have luxury cars and cloths. He likes the Marcedes brand the most. Other than that, he leads his father’s association with NGOs in Ghana.

Broderick Harvey’s Trivia & Facts

  • Broderick likes to photography, fashion and hang out with friends.
  • He does like black and grey color the most.
  • Broderick’s has not done the marriage yet.
  • He does not like share the name of his girlfriend.
  • He does know how to swim.
  • He knows how to drive a car and ride a motorbike.
  • While growing up, Broderick did like to go the luxury hotels a lot for the dinner. 
  • Broderick is huge fan of LeBron James.
  • He is a mad fan of NBA and NFL.
  • Broderick like rock and pop music.
  • At one point of a time, he wanted to become an actor and singer.
  • Broderick works a lot for the upliftment of Ghana as a nation.
  • Broderick likes to drink red wine a lot. But he does not smoke.
  • Broderick does like Indian and African cousins the most.
  • Broderick does like most of the costal areas.


Q Who is Broderick Harvey Jr.?

He is the first son of Steve Harvey. He is known as a businessperson and fashion designer. He has a love for photography.

Q How old is Broderick Harvey Jr.?

He is 32 years old, having born on April 29, 1991.

Q What does Broderick do for a living?

He is a producer, fashion designer, businessperson. It is what makes him a sound professional.

Q Who is Broderick Jr. mother?

Marcia Harvey, who is the first wife of Steve, is his mother.

Q How many siblings do Broderick have?

He does have three sister and two brothers.

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