Cannabis v Alcohol: Which Is the Most Dangerous?

There’s long been a debate about alcohol and cannabis and which one is the most harmful. In complete truth, it’s a bit of a silly debate.

While many campaigners will use it as a position to push the decriminalisation of cannabis in many parts of the world, others claim that the drug can lead to increased crime and addiction.

But what are the facts around both when it comes to the key topics around them?

What we of course know is that both are addictive, and for many people they find themselves in a difficult position health wise, financially and with their family, with treatment the only option. A cannabis and alcohol rehab clinic can aid recovery, but what about everything else associated with cannabis and alcohol?

Overdose Stats

Of course, at they’re most extreme, overdosing is the biggest fear factor, which can lead to death.

However, the facts are that there are no records of an overdose of marijuana, and a fatal overdose would require some serious consumption. Studies show that it would take between 15 and 70 grams to overdose on the substance. That equates to a minimum of 238 joints in a day!

On the other hand, alcohol is much more likely to occur, with stats showing that in the USA there are around six people per day who die from this. Of course, legendary singer Amy Winehouse passed away due to alcohol poisoning over a decade ago.

Don’t Drive!

The answer here is simple, it isn’t safe to drive under the influence of cannabis and it isn’t safe to drive under the influence of alcohol. So don’t do it.

The increased chance of an accident under the influence of either is quite staggering and mixing both even more so. You can not only risk your own life but also the lives of others by getting behind the wheel after a joint or a few pints. 

In fact, you’re 83% more likely to be involved in an accident while under the influence of marijuana, while that rises even further when intoxicated by alcohol.

You’ll forget things with both

Many of us will know what the “beer fear” is, waking up in the morning after one too many drinks and having blackouts of the night. That is much more common with alcohol and the short term memory loss is much greater with booze.

However, there are also risks with cannabis on a longer term level, with people who consume the substance at an increased risk of developing learning and memory problems later in life.

General Health Risks

Ultimately, both do carry short and long term health risks. While cannabis can be used for medicinal purposes, there are health concerns too, with oral hygiene among the most common, and in the worst possible scenario, oral cancer. 

There are also many common side effects with marijuana, such as nausea and paranoia, while when it comes to alcohol there are many health risks too, with liver disease among one of the most fatal.

Ultimately, we know both are bad for us when abused, and there is little value in comparing the two. Be responsible, and the argument is a pretty redundant one.