Choosing Wellness: Your Guide to a Safe Alternative to Smoking

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You threw out all your leftover cigarettes, joined yoga classes, and started working on yourself. Yet, you still cannot get over your smoking cravings. This is when you know you need safer smoking alternatives to make your cessation journey easier. 

Smoking has turned into a norm all over the world, be it for pleasure or for recreation. However, it is absolutely damaging to the body. Hence safer substitutes are a savior to smokers. Not only are their cravings fulfilled, but these products are also less injurious to health. 

Apart from this, people can also divert their minds using stress relief toys or performing other chores. It is essential to keep your hands and minds busy. To assist your cessation journey, we will provide you with some guidelines. So let’s dive right in!

Safer Alternatives to Smoking

Going ‘cold turkey’ doesn’t work for everyone. Hence you can always quit smoking by using alternative smoking products or trying to keep yourself distracted. We will be listing some options:

Zero Nicotine Vapes

Nicotine-free vapes are another substitute for traditional smoking. Using regular vapes is mostly controversial since they contain nicotine. So vapes containing zero nicotine can help you with your quick cravings. 

They heat up a flavored liquid to produce an aerosol ready to inhale. Like herbal cigarettes, these vapes also imitate traditional smoking without nicotine. 

The nicotine-less e-juice is mostly processed from natural fruits. You can easily find them in various flavors. So you get to choose your option. You are also able to meet your sweet cravings while inhaling these. 

This is because they leave a sweet aftertaste on your tongue. Most importantly, you won’t get addicted to nicotine as they have none.

Again, it is not recommended to use these vapes regularly. As a result, these nicotine-free vapes will guide you in weaning off nicotine addiction until it reaches zero.

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Quit-smoking Pills

These pills work differently from any of the aforementioned options. But before that, it is better to consult a healthcare professional. These medications stop nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 

They can also make you not ever want to use tobacco again. First, you have to formulate a plan to track your smoking urges. Varenicline is one of the popular prescribed medicines that block nicotine cravings in the brain. 

Most importantly, it numbs your brain from receiving the pleasurable effects of smoking. Hence it becomes easier to tackle withdrawal symptoms. 

Another one is bupropion which plays with the brain chemistry to stop it from getting cravings. It also helps in reducing nicotine urgers along with withdrawal symptoms.

These tablets are usually prescribed for a month or two. Regularly taking them can help you get over your smoking addiction faster. So, these pills will definitely guide you through your cessation journey.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

People get attached to smoking as nicotine makes them addicted to it. Hence people can easily switch to nicotine replacement therapy to start their quitting journey. 

NRT delivers nicotine to the body but cuts off the toxicity of tars and other substances present in tobacco. This way, it fulfills the thirst for nicotine without harming health.

Patches, chewing gums, and nasal sprays are the most popular items in nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine patches are stuck to the skin. They slowly deliver nicotine to the bloodstream making withdrawal symptoms more manageable. 

Nicotine gums are more like regular chewing gums, but they help supply a quick rush of nicotine to the body when required. Again, nicotine nasal sprays provide a mist of nicotine to the nose. This helps relieve quick nicotine cravings.

Using a combination of NRT for a better response is usually recommended. The doses should be gradually decreased until you finally decide to stop. Hence nicotine replacement therapy helps to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Herbal Cigarettes

Chainsmokers often get habituated to the idea of smoking. That is why switching to herbal cigarettes can be a good alternative. Herbal cigarettes are specially blended with herbs and contain no nicotine. It means that these cigarettes mimic the concept of regular smoking but in a healthier way instead. Hence they help to meet the desire to smoke without delivering any nicotine to the bloodstream.

Herbal cigarettes can come in a range of flavors depending on the herb. Some of these herbal cigarettes are often made from ginseng. Ginseng is pretty popular in Asian countries for being an additive in therapeutic medications. 

Another one is peppermint which provides a cooling sensation while inhaling. Peppermint can also relieve migraines. Herbal cigarettes infused with lavender oil not only help to meet smoking cravings but also relieve stress. 

However, prolonged uses of herbal cigarettes are also not good for health as they still produce smoke. It is better to reduce smoking these cigarettes once your cravings become more controllable. It means that herbal cigarettes are considered the natural alternative to smoking. 

Manage Your Cravings

Cravings are vital when it comes to addiction. So taking control of it is extremely necessary. Smoking cravings differ from person to person – some can get urges during anxiety, while others can get them right after a meal. That’s why identifying your triggers can help you control them even better. 

You can start by keeping your mouth busy. Whenever you desire a smoke, just chew on something; The crunchier, the better. You can try chewing gums or munching on some freshly cut carrots. 

You can even whistle or sing a song to keep yourself distracted. If your anxiety gets extreme, then try squeezing some stress balls. You can also make yourself relax by taking a hot bath. Cravings will eventually die when your body becomes habituated to not smoking and receiving nicotine. You will definitely get the hang of it if you keep on trying.

Improve Social Skills

You can always try changing a habit in order to forget your urges. However, it is completely normal to feel lonely. This is because you may subconsciously isolate yourself from everyone. So start by engaging more with your family. Being around the people you love and receiving their support can work wonders.

You can make it a priority to be social again. Update your friends about your journey and your feelings throughout. Take part in your local community service to keep yourself distracted. Keeping yourself busy with manual labor will help you forget about your cravings. 

Find a buddy to quit your smoking habit with. The support you will receive can help you conquer this habit in no time. Manual labor and support from your loved ones will make you feel less depressed. 

During this time, your body gets tired easily. Any kind of social support will help you feel relieved when you are on your cessation journey. 

Be Productive

Being productive can help to divert your mind from nicotine addiction. Enrolling in a gym is the best way to utilize your time. Working on yourself will make you feel refreshed. This way, you are not only reducing your addiction but also managing to build your body. 

You can also take piano lessons to keep your hands busy. Painting classes are also a good option. Coloring can also be extremely therapeutic. You can also go for a morning run once you wake up.

Therefore, being productive not only makes you focused but also puts an end to your smoking cravings. 

Seek Support

Seeking support from a healthcare professional can make your journey bearable. You will be getting prescribed drugs based on your addiction. They will also provide you with the most suitable coping mechanisms. A non-judgmental environment will also help you open up about your struggles.

Combining healthcare consultancy with cessation methods will boost your probability of quitting successfully. They will list down proper plans on how to combat your triggers and diet plans for a healthier lifestyle. 

Hence being in a supportive environment will motivate you in all the good ways. In this way, your cessation journey will be a lot smoother. 

Bottom Line

Holding onto the information, I wish I could tell you that if you picked up only one of the alternatives, you could stop smoking for good. But it is an entire package that requires a lot of willpower. There are a lot of methods to aid your cessation journey. So choose carefully!

In a nutshell, there are various safer alternatives to consider for your smoking habit. It is better to start your journey suddenly to make it more effective. But before that, take your time to get accustomed to this. Some of the safer alternatives include sticking to nicotine patches to regulate your cravings. 

Having herbal cigarettes and nicotine-free vapes instead of traditional cigarettes. Seek help from a doctor to receive anti-smoking pills. Finally, to improve your daily life, try to manage your cravings. Become productive and be better with your social skills. Share your concerns with a doctor. 

Ultimately, the healthiest option is to completely quit smoking. In this way using these safer alternatives will eventually help you stop smoking. 

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