Coalition for a Prosperous America and Zach Mottl: A Closer Look

Can not having a job kill you?

Unemployed individuals struggle with all sorts of stress-related illnesses. Heart attacks, arthritis, and high blood pressure appear more in people who don’t have jobs vs. people who are gainfully employed.

One of the reasons so many Americans are struggling to find work is due to poor government policies. Thankfully, organizations like the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) are looking to make real changes.

Zach Mottl is that the front line of the CPA. Who exactly is Zach, and why should you care about the CPA? Read on to find out.

Who Is Zachary Mottl?

Who is Zachary Mottl? Serving on the board of directors, Zach cares about making America better. Currently, Zack is serving as a chief alignment officer.

It’s his primary focus to increase business while also finding ways to improve customer retention. Zach also helps with the developmental strategy and outreach portions of the company. Anyone who’s met him will tell you that he’s someone who values healthy domestic manufacturing.

When companies follow the best national economic models, everybody wins. When he’s not helping his companies thrive, Zach serves on multiple organizations and boards. He also helped create the Zach Mottl Atlas Tool too. However, his primary focus would have to be serving on the Coalition for a Prosperous America.

What Does CPA Stand For?

CPA, or the Coalition for a Prosperous America, is one of Zach’s passion projects. The team believes that Americans can provide affordable goods for every level of consumer, along with fulfilling jobs. The CPA endeavors to offer opportunities for manufacturers and farms to work in a clean environment.

One of the ways they seek to achieve this goal is by implementing a better US trade policy. The current US trade policy lacks vision.

CPA wants to help deliver prosperity and certainty to America, its factories, farms, and everyday working people. The nonprofit organization represents millions of households, the board itself, and loyal members.

Membership is diverse and includes conservatives, liberals, democrats, republicans, and even independence. Working to build a better America for present and future generations, the CPA understands everybody plays their part. You’ll find that the coalition includes agricultural, citizen, manufacturing, worker, and consumer interests.

How To Become a CPA Member

Are you someone who stands for a national trade strategy? This type of strategy can help eliminate the trade deficit. It’ll also provide Americans with great-paying jobs, and spread prosperity all around.

If you are passionate about change, maybe you should become a member of the CPA. You’ll be able to join a coalition that advocates for tax and trade strategies. The coalition also promotes agricultural growth, income increases, and of course, produce jobs.

Instead of representing a single industry, you’ll have the power of many voices to support the cost. Membership benefits also include networking opportunities and online resources.

Member Calls

Do you want to stay in touch with a group of like-minded individuals? Every month CPA members from all across the country gather for a phone conference.

The calls are an opportunity to discuss the latest projects, policies, issues, and more. You’ll get to meet CPA members, along with staff personnel.

Member Events

Along with phone conferences, CPA members also meet up in person. The coalition hosts annual conferences, policy briefings, educational workshops, and so much more.

If you’re looking for an industry-specific opportunity, you’ll be able to find it! You’ll find that the coalition works best when you’re as active as possible.

Along with the monthly phone conferences, go to as many in-person events as you can. This will allow you to make friends while also making a difference.

Online Resource Opportunities

The CPA also offers members a wealth of online resources. For instance, members can quickly check their representative’s and senators’ voting history.

Using advanced software technology, the CPA has found a way to document every trade vote by every member of the House. These records stayed all the way back to 2005! You can even track House and Senate bills.

Did you know that every year the United States Congress considers thousands of bills and resolutions? Since only a small percentage of those will become law, it’s helpful to have software filtering out the ones you don’t need to reference.

Effective Trade and Economic Policies

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet. Poorly researched reports, or biased statistics, can make it hard to get to the truth of things.

Thankfully, the Coalition for a Prosperous America cares about performing in-depth research. The alliance will search through tons of economic data and compare conflicting reports.

After getting information from a variety of sources, the CPA makes its findings available to members. The reports will be unbiased by corporations and focus on providing a complete understanding of the issue at hand.

Using the member’s research page, you’ll be able to read articles and infographics that actually tell the truth! The economics team for the CPA was nationally recognized for their impeccable research. The truthful information gathered helps spark helpful dialogue among business economists.

Buy American Committee

The Coalition for a Prosperous America doesn’t just consist of one special committee. Instead, there are 4 different committees within the organization. One of these committees is called the Buy American committee.

The goal of the Buy American committee is to get influence government purchases on a non-military and military level. By getting Federal entities to choose US-based companies and workers, Americans win.

How does the committee go about reaching its goal? The committee looks for any loopholes that might be hampering the Buy American act.

After identifying enforcement gaps, the committee can make the weak spots known. Then they provide proposals. The proposals impact the effectiveness and enforcement abilities of the Buy American legislation.

Healthcare Committee

The Coalition for a Prosperous America also advocates for US manufacturing for generic drugs. They even care about US-made personal protective equipment.

Domestic manufacturing practices strengthen national security, along with our health security. The pandemic was a great example that the United States can’t always depend on other countries for essential medicines or supplies.

In certain situations, other countries might even ban exports in an attempt to secure enough supplies for their own people. To help, the healthcare committee promotes the 5 pillars of domestic manufacturing.

The first pillar states that generic drugs and personal protective equipment should be made in the United States. Second, federal spending should adhere to the Buy American act.

Third, companies need to invest in advanced manufacturing processes to improve efficiency. Fourth, the United States needs to come up with a simple approach for approving domestic manufacturing permits.

Finally, the fifth pillar points out the need to phase out medicines. Specifically, medicine and personal protective equipment we’re getting from China.

The United States should produce enough non-china sources. Then the federal government needs to ban getting medical supplies from China. Only when Americans implement all 5 pillars can we guarantee our safety during a national crisis.

Supply Chain Committee

CPA members that help make tools and machines are likely a part of the supply chain committee. Anyone who helps produce finished goods benefits from domestic practices.

The CPA believes that these policies need can help small and medium-sized supply-chain companies grow. Unfortunately, Americans have lost countless jobs to China and other countries, all in the supply chain industry.

A lot of national trade organizations don’t advocate for small domestic manufacturing companies. Even less advocate for mid sized ones. To make matters worse, regional trade associations usually don’t have the resources to fix things on a national level.

To solve this problem, the CPA suggests implementing a national industrial strategy. Currently, no such industrial strategy exists.
 The supply chain committee believes they can popularize such policies. They hope to eventually do away with out-of-state manufacturing for good.

Tax Policy Committee

Last but not least, the Coalition for a Prosperous America has a tax policy committee. This committee fights for tax reforms that support the rebuilding of domestic supply chains.

They also advocate for rebalancing trade. They’ll penalize the practice of offshoring profits or production. Their pro-American tax policies will be able to help Americans in several ways.

For one, foreign corporations would be held accountable. They’d have to pay taxes, just like Americans do.

The goal is to level the playing field between foreign and domestic firms. The location a company claims it earns its income would become irrelevant.

Instead, taxable income will be entirely determined by the percentage of the company’s global sales made to U.S. customers. This will give Americans the ability to demystify the calculations for corporate profit. As a result, the playing field will level up between multinational enterprises and domestic businesses.

Understanding the Coalition for a Prosperous America

Now you know more about Zach Mottl and how the Coalition for a Prosperous America is working to pave a brighter future. After reading this article, are you thinking about joining the cause?

Perhaps you want to secure a better country for your children’s children, or maybe you simply want to have your voice heard. Whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t wait to take action.

Check out the CPA’s membership requirements today, and decide if you’re ready to start making changes. For more tips like these, see what the rest of our website can do for you.