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FF Advance Server:- Activation Code, Release Date, Updates

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If you are curious to enjoy the Free Fire advance features, which are there on the latest version of the Free Fire App before it gets released publicly, then you are in the right place. As where talk about the Free Fire Advance Server which gives you access to this thrilling world. Read the below given content to know all that’s going to help in giving thrilling gaming experience. 

What is FF Advance Server?

We as a consumer love to have trials of things before we get our hands on them for a longer time. So the same is provided on the Free Fire Advance server for its randomly selected players. This server allows some selected players to try and test the new features of the game. And accordingly provide feedback to the developers before the release of the update and features publicly. 

Steps for FF advance server download

Here are easy step-by-step guide for free fire advance server download:

  1. Registration: You need to visit the official website of Free Fire Advance Server and put in your credentials for registration.
  1. Accepting Terms: Get an overview or read and accept the terms and conditions.
  1. Download: Once you have registered, you need to click on download the advanced server apk. 
  1. Install: Find the file and download it.
  1. Activate the Server: You need to enter the activation code, which was provided during the registration process. 
  1. Update and Login: After activation of the server,  update and login on the server. 

FF Advance Server Signup/Login Procedure

Log in to the Garena website using Facebook or Gmail.

  • The first step is to copy and paste the link “ff-advance.ff.garena.com” into the browser.
  • You can now access the FF Advance website. Additionally, the “LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK” button is noticeable.
  • Players must log in using a “Indonesia server” of their choice (preferred). The upgrade will be applied to the Indonesia server first. Players can access it through Google Play or the Play Store from any VPN. The players must enter the details as described below after logging in.
  • Any name, a working email address, and a mobile number may be entered.
  • After completing all fields, click the “JOIN NOW” button.

How can I require the FF advance server Activation Code?

On the official website, you can register for the client and get the FF advance server Activation Code. The steps to register are below as follows:

Step 1: Go on to the official site and create an account by signing in with Facebook or Google. To keep going, one must have an account on the aforementioned platform.

Step 2: To end the procedure, provide an active email and click the Join Now button.

If the application is taken, it will keep on going , and you will receive a code. If you don’t have the activation code, you can use the one that is listed here.

Free Fire Advance Server Benefits:-

Because it was developed by the FF Garena company to provide all Royle Battle players a chance to try out new modes and YouTube broadcasts a chance to see upcoming upgrades first, using the free fire advance server game has a ton of benefits. Below we’ll also highlight some additional unique advantages that come with FF Advance:

  • Players can publish reviews and get in touch with the FF Garena Developer teams directly.
  • The players will get free access to all upcoming OB37 Updates’ fresh information and leaks.
  • Players that report bugs or errors in the game can receive rewards such as Gun Skins, Free diamonds, a title, an outfit, and other things.
  • Players may get free diamonds if they report a bug or issue.
  • The gamers will also receive additional Executive Premium Rewards, a Free Mythic Suit, Room, Character, Gun Skins, and more.
  • The gamer will be added to a special team if they discover a significant bug in the next OB37 Updates.

August 2023 FF advance server Activation Code (Download OB41 APK)

Advance Server Registration Code for Free Fire: Online registration for the Free Fire advanced server will open three weeks prior to the release of the global update. For FF Advance APK, players will have five days to sign up and eight days to test it out. Players who report bugs will receive bonuses, including free diamonds.

Release Date of the Free Fire Advance Server OB41 Update

On that day or the day before the CS-Ranked Season (Clash Squad) ends, Garena typically releases new upgrades. Therefore, users can also anticipate when the OB41 version will be released. Given that the CS-Ranked Season will expire on August 20, 2023, it is assumed that the next Free Fire update will start rolling out on July 21, 2023. Players will have to wait for about a month.

Registration Code for the FF advance server.

From the exact link provided here, download the FF advance server OB41. Players can join the FF team by signing up on Facebook and receiving generous rewards. Registration can be finished on the official Free Fire website, ff-advance.ff.garena.com. Here is a link to the APK and OBB download instructions. Users can download Free Fire Advance with or without a VPN.

Free Fire Advance Server List

  • Indonesian Server
  • Brazil Server
  • Mexico Server
  • Thailand Server
  • India Server
  • Russia Server
  • Taiwan Server
  • Europe Server
  • Indonesia Server
  • Brazil Server
  • Mexico Server
  • Thailand Server
  • Malaysia Server
  • Vietnam server
  • Bangladesh server
  • Pakistan and Middle East Server

Download the FF Advance Server APK and activation code.

The APK file will be downloaded to your browser when you join. The file will download to your mobile device after you click the download link. Install the APK file on your smartphone after downloading it.

Download will begin on July 21st, 2023. For the first three hours after the server opens, only the UGC matchmaking option will be available.

Code 1 (New): 4LI3O1O2GBKA2OYJ

CODE 2: (New) 22I334N3MTN3TK2A

Code 3 (New): TBTVPLW4010ZA4MV






You will be prompted to enter the “Activation Code” by Garena FF OR FREE FIRE MAX (players cannot activate the Fee Fire game without the activation code). Players can utilize the activation key that is provided. The key we’ve provided the players will allow them entry to the FF.

Rewards on Free Fire Advance Server

No Limits On FF advance server game was introduced by the Garena Company and offers players a number of advantages. The gamers will get the chance to participate in Free fire royal combat. The advance rings of Free Fire

  1. Grand Prize: In light of their efforts
  2. Diamonds: 3000 Main Contributor (1 Person)
  3. Principal Contributor: 2000 Diamonds
  4. Three primary contributors: 1000 Diamonds


In this blog we tried to cover every aspect and information that you need to know about the new Free Fire Advance Server. So to improve your experience and to not leave you out of trend we have incorporated information related to the meaning, benefits, new codes, new version, ways to access and download, etc. 


Q. Is July 2023 the date for Free Fire Advance server Activation?

begins on July 21st, 2023

Q. When does the Free Fire advance server OB41 shut down?

The server will shut down on August 7, 2023.

Q. When can I begin to play?

You can begin playing on July 21, 2023.

What is the FF Advance Server log-in procedure?

All gamers can access the FF Advance Server APK download. However, in decision to access the unique customer, one need an activation code. When you first log in to the client, you will be requested to input the code. Furthermore, these are one-time use only codes that lose their validity after that.

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