How is Windstream Fiber Internet? A Review

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Windstream is primarily a rural internet service provider that offers broadband connections over DSL. However, in many areas across its footprint spanning 18 states, it also offers symmetrical fiber internet.

Windstream fiber internet provides speeds up to 2 Gbps, with some areas having access to its new 8 Gbps plan. Its network has a very high bandwidth, allowing it to boast a 99.9% network reliability. All Windstream internet plans include unlimited data and don’t require term contracts, making the service ideal for homes with internet speed needs.

Keep reading to learn more about Windstream Internet and decide if it’s right for you.

Largest 8-gig Internet Provider in The US

In a seismic shift within the high-speed internet landscape, Windstream has skyrocketed to claim the coveted title of the largest 8-gig internet provider in the United States. This extraordinary feat, driven by a substantial investment in its fiber internet initiative, signifies a transformative moment in the telecommunications industry.

Windstream’s new 8 gigabits per second (Gbps) plan is available to nearly 400,000 households across its network in the US. You can ask Windstream customer service about the speeds offered where you live. This audacious expansion propels Windstream to the zenith of internet provision, firmly establishing its supremacy as the unrivaled leader in delivering blazing-fast connectivity.

Most modern homes don’t need multi-gig speeds for everyday tasks. High maximum speeds are generally only good for fast downloads, which is why more than 50% of Windstream’s customers choose its 1 Gbps tier. 

However, even if you don’t need multi-gig speeds, having the 8-gig in your area indicates a higher network bandwidth. High network bandwidth lowers network congestion, allowing for lower latency and more consistent speeds throughout the day. 

Windstream Fiber Internet Features


Windstream fiber internet offers blazing-fast speeds that leave other connection types in the dust. Even with its starter 500 Mbps plan, you can download a 100 GB file in under 30 minutes. You can stream 4K videos without a hint of buffering and indulge in bandwidth-intensive online extravaganzas that would make traditional connections sweat with envy. 

Ultra-Low Latency

The latency on Windstream fiber internet is so astonishingly low that it feels like you’re teleporting through the digital realm. Gamers revel in the lightning-quick response times, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition, while video calls and VoIP conversations become a seamless ballet of audio and video without the slightest hiccup.

Symmetrical Speed

All Windstream fiber internet plans feature symmetrical bandwidth, offering super-fast speeds for both uploads and downloads. High upload speed is a boon for content creators, remote professionals, and businesses engaged in data-intensive endeavors. Whether you’re sending massive files to the cloud or holding high-stakes video conferences, Windstream fiber internet never misses a beat.

No Data Caps

Fast internet is no good if your downloads are limited by a data cap. Windstream offers unlimited data with all fiber internet plans. You can download as many games and upload as much video content as you want without working about the overage charge, 

Rock-Solid Reliability

Fiber-optic cables are like impervious fortresses in the digital landscape, shrugging off electromagnetic interference and signal degradation that can cripple copper-based connections. Windstream fiber internet has 99.9% network reliability, ensuring you stay connected come hell or high water.

Limitless Scalability

Fiber networks are incomparable to other types of internet service in terms of scalability. Windstream already offers symmetrical speeds up to 8 Gbps in some areas. As residential bandwidth requirements increase, it can crank up the bandwidth dial with ease—as there’s no known bandwidth limit for fiber internet. 

Fortified Security

Fiber internet uses pulses of light instead of electronic signals to transmit data. This makes fiber much harder to tap into than copper wires. Windstream WiFi Gateways also includes a Kinetic Internet Security service that protects connected devices from hackers and cybercriminals.

Endless Reach

Unlike copper and DSL connections that slow down over long distances, Windstream’s fiber cables stretch across vast distances without a hint of signal decay, acting as the digital lifeline for far-flung communities and urban metropolises alike. This ensures higher speeds, lower latency, and less data packet loss.


Windstream fiber internet doesn’t just keep up with technological trends; it boldly leads the charge into the future. Its 8 Gbps plan is far ahead of its time and continuous network improvements ensure the bandwidth is never a bottleneck for your online experiences.


Fiber is more energy efficient, uses more sustainable materials, and has a lower carbon footprint can copper wires. By choosing Windstream Fiber, you’re not only future-proofing your home but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable planet.

Windstream Internet Plans

Now, let’s review the different internet plans offered by Windstream.

Kinetic Fiber Internet

Ascending the tiers, the Kinetic Fiber Internet plan is also priced at $39.99 per month during the first year. It represents a significant upgrade in internet speed compared to its basic counterpart. Offering a maximum speed of 500 Mbps, it’s the perfect choice for households brimming with multiple devices and avid streaming enthusiasts. Prepare for your online experience to be elevated to high-definition excellence.

Kinetic Fiber Internet GIG

For those who crave the fastest speeds, the Kinetic Fiber Internet GIG plan beckons at a rate of $69.99 per month for the initial 12 months. With a mind-blowing speed of 1000 Mbps, this plan effortlessly handles 4K video streaming, online gaming, and large file downloads. It’s the ultimate choice for those who refuse to compromise on internet performance.

Kinetic Fiber Internet 2 GIG

Windstream raises the stakes with the Kinetic Fiber Internet 2 GIG plan, boasting an astounding maximum speed of 2000 Mbps. This plan caters to power users, avid gamers, and households with insatiable internet demands. It’s important to note that the pricing for this plan varies by location, so be sure to check with Windstream for precise pricing information tailored to your area.

Kinetic Fiber Internet 8 GIG

Pushing the boundaries of speed to the extreme, the Kinetic Fiber Internet 8 GIG plan offers an unprecedented 8000 Mbps maximum speed. Crafted for the most discerning internet aficionados and homes teeming with devices, this plan is the epitome of high-speed connectivity. As with the 2 GIG plan, pricing for the Kinetic Fiber Internet 8 GIG is location-dependent.

Kinetic Internet Basic (DSL)

Fiber internet is only available in some of Windstream’s markets. If you happen to live in one of these areas, Windstream’s service is also not bad.

At a modest monthly rate of $39.99 for the initial 12 months, the Kinetic Internet Basic plan steps onto the scene. With a maximum internet speed of 100 Mbps, this plan accommodates everyday internet activities. However, the video streaming quality may be limited with this plan.


Windstream is as good as fiber as fiber internet gets. It offers speeds up to 2 Gbps in most of the fiber service areas while its new 8 Gbps plan is already available to 400,000 homes. It boasts a 99.9% network reliability, includes unlimited data, and requires no term contract, which is about everything you can ask for.

Plans start at $39.99 per month for 12 months with tiers ranging from 500 Mbps to 8 Gbps. If it’s available in your area, Windstream fiber is probably your fastest, most reliable option.

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