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With Pear Deck, teachers create an interactive presentation and students participate in that presentation by entering a JoinPD code provided by their teacher. If you are wondering how to join PearDeck (Join-PD) and how to sign up on joinpd .com, then this blog post is for you. Let us take you through a tour where you will get to know everything about Pear Deck.

What is Pear Deck?

PearDeck is a web-based Slide show presenting platform that enables real-time communication between professors and students. Through, students can take part in online courses and present their work to teachers. There are both free and premium versions of the Join-PD platform. There are some resources that are only available to those who pay a membership, even if the majority of the duties that students and teachers must accomplish are free to do so.

Peardeck is a simple and user-friendly programme. Any device, whether a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, can use it. The Internet connection of the gadget is the only prerequisite. You’ll need a PearDeck access code in order to use the Peardeck utility. We have explained what the Peardeck access code is below.

How to sign up for

Speaking it statistically, you don’t need to register on if you’re a student and merely want to participate in a session or lesson, all you need to do is to enter Pear Deck code given by your teacher. But if you’re a teacher or professor and want to start a session, you need to login with account. Don’t sweat, If you don’t have an account. Let us help you to sign up on to Pear Deck with ease.

  1. Visit Pear Deck’s official website by clicking here
  2. When you click on “Sign Up for Free,” you will be taken to the page that is displayed below.
  3. Feel free to select your login account between Google or Microsoft when asked.
  4. Proceed with choosing your role between student, teacher, or another. Finish it off by populating your institution’s name and zip code.
  5. Click “Get Started with Premium” and you’re almost done.
  6. To conclude it, you must validate your account by clicking the link you received in your email. If unable to find it, check your Junk mail bin.
  7. After confirmation you received notification ‘Happy congratulation! Your account for is ready to be used.’

How to login to your Pear Deck Account?

Here are the steps to login into Pear Deck Account as a teacher.

Step 1:- First open the official website into your PC or mobile.
Step 2:- Click on Teacher Login Beside the Sign Up For Free.
Step 3:- Enter you Login Details of your account.
Step 4:- Choose your preference and go to the Teacher Dashboard.

Note:- This login process is only for teachers. Students don’t need create account they only need JoinPD Code to access session.

Student Login With Email Address

Teachers can invite students to join Pear Desk sessions through their email. Once teacher allow them this feature students can join the platform through their email or by entering the join code at the site. Below we have listed the steps:

  • Open Your favorite “Browser”
  • On the search bar search for the official website of Pear Desk.
  • Once you click on the official website you will be directed to the homepage or dashboard.
  • On the dashboard or homepage click on your personal profile.
  • Now press the “My Account” button.
  • Next , press Settings.
  • Now scroll down and locate “Require Student Login”
  • Click on the same icon to choose your account type.

How to Join Pear Deck Anonymously?

Users need to follow the same steps as stated above and  then select ‘OFF’ in the “Required Student Login”. As you do this it will allow students to join in anonymously, without the need to email. 

Further students can join sessions more anonymously by creating an avatar or nickname. As they do this, it will help them interact while they remain anonymous.

Why students need Joinpd Code?

The Pear Deck Join Code is a code that teachers generate for students when they sign up for Pear Deck for the first time and create an online class. The students who are interested in enrolling in that particular online course are given this Pear Deck Join code by the teachers. If you are a student and do not already have a Pear Deck Join Code for the class you wish to enroll in, you should ask your instructor for a JoinPD Code. Your instructor will provide the codes you need.

How to recognized valid joinpd code?

Please be aware that the Pear Deck Join Code consists of five letters only and has no digits. The moment you correctly enter the Join-PD code, your session will begin. But remember, the given code is eligible to be used as long as four good days.

What are the benefits of joinpd .com?

  • Improved Interaction: Pear Deck gives teachers the ability to make interactive presentations that involve students in a variety of ways, such as answering questions and drawing diagrams. This results in greater student engagement. This helps to keep the users super engaged effortlessly.
  • Timely Critique: The best advantage of using Pear Deck is its ability to cater to the needs of getting assessment. It means the users are enabled to use different teaching methodologies.
  • Tailored Schooling: Pear Deck enables instructors to design lessons that are specifically catered to the wants and passions of their students, resulting in a more personalized educational experience.
  • Ease of Access: Pear Deck is accessible to students with various learning needs and preferences because it can be utilized on a range of devices.
  • Close Monitoring: Pear Deck offers data tracking and analytics so that teachers may monitor how their pupils are responding to the presentation and pinpoint areas that need work.
  • Free Storage: Both students and teachers can use the free storage options provided by Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive to keep their course files secure.

Conclusion is simply Pear Deck’s official website. It is a web-based interactive presentation tool that enables teachers and students to communicate in real time. Through Join-Pd learners can enroll in web classes and present to teachers.

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