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Kayak Giving Independent Hotels Feeling Gives Life House $60M Funding

Life House has indeed done a great job for small and independent hotel owners with a news of collecting a funding of $60M. Kayak co-led the Series C funding with Inovia Capital. Tiger Global, Derive Ventures, Thayer Ventures, JLL, Trinity Ventures, Sound Ventures and Cooley LLP did also take part in the investment rounds and they had invested in Life House previously. Since 2017, they have raised more than $100 million. In 2011, Rami Zeidan did start the concept of Life House that has inspired even Oyo Rooms in India to take this concept forward and make a brand worth billions of US dollars. It does tell the impact they have made. However, one thing Life House believes is to give a royal experience.

Life House latest fund series led byKayak andInovia has raised them over 100mannor since 2017. It does indeed tell a lot about the impact they have made in the very best way. They did start with a hotel firm that is working on with independent hotels. The main of the start-up has been to make asoftware to become the best operators in the market. It does indeed tell a lot about the start-up and where they do see them in a creative way.

They do see Life House series kayak capital 100m as a great boost for every Ann to Tony.

They started with an aim to end the tech-less world for independent hotels who do not get the same space as Hilton and others to receive in the very best way. This is indeed what makes them special.

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Hotel manager and boutique hotel brand are the two tools that do talk a lot about Life House. CEO Zeidan is happy with the growth they have and does see it as a creative way to move forward in the very best way. It just tells the deep look they have that has made them a cut above the rest in many different ways.

He said: “We’ve been pretty efficient.”

House 60m funding by Kayak Inovia take their funding capital more than100mann, which is indeed a lot in many eyes.

“In the past four years, we’ve spent just a little over $20 million. Now we have three times that, so we’re excited about what that’s going to translate into in terms of product,”Zeidan added.

As Kayak is one of the most famous websites for comparing travel bookings. From India to the United States, they are in many nations working to make an impact. The userbase of Kayak is in millions. Hence, being one of the investors of Life House does talk about the aim they have and how it can indeed make a creative impact. This does tell the promising touch of the start-up and how it is looking as a good idea to invest in for a giant like Kayak.

Startup sees 60m series capital to boost the brand  115m times lundentechcrunch. It will also allow one of the leaders of Kayak to guide and oversee the growth of Life House.

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