Mangago : Read Free Online Manga

Mangago : Read Free Online Manga

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Every manga lover must have heard about MangaGo. It is a well-known manga-sharing website. All Mangas are free to read. Unlike other Mangas, the publishers have not able to take action against Managago as the licensed for are visible without wasting any money. In past, this had faced problems from publishers’ end. However, good news is that they solved the problems in a matter of days. 

When it comes to manga, movie, music and other art-related work, pricy is a huge issue. It is a long going battle on the internet Hence, the problem has made Managa Go as a victim too. So let us understand about this website from the deep, so can know how to use this website for the best.

Defining Mangago

Mangago can be best defined as a mega digital book store for reading mangas. Every manga readers like the store to be less fictional, so it can relate to the world. This is what Manga Go’s website does. It has a mega combination of more than 80,000 comics. And all can read these Mangas from their home with the power of internet. It does also give the option to download, so even if there is no internet, a person can read the comics. With the help of Manga Go, it does create a huge digital library of every manga reader.

Benefits of Mangago APK Tools and Features

  • One would see a huge collection of manga library.
  • Even the UI, which is known as user interface, is also very easy to understand and use.
  •  One can access around 50,000 Mangas without paying anything – free.
  • They do update the sources of Mangas from time to time.
  • For adding your beloved Mangas on the website, adding URL is only thing one requires to do.

After many of our people have managed to read so many Mangas, they have found that reading orientation can be changed by just swapping pages from one side to the other.

How to download Mangago app for free?

  • Apkpaure and other such apk website should be visited by the users.
  • One has to type MangaGo on the search bar.
  • Click on search now.
  • Completing this process means it’s time to open the APK file.
  • Click – Download Now Option.
  • But first save the file on the mobile phone.
  • It is time to open the folder they you have downloaded. 
  • As it is a third-party app, the system needs your permission to download the app.
  • After the permission, the app can be installed.
  • By Facebook or Google accounts, one can lunch the game.
  • It is now the time to read your favorite manga’s. 

If you have iOS

  • If you have an Apple device, then it is necessary to take go to the App Store.
  • It will show the search option, where you have to search Manga Go.
  • From the list, pick the Manga you want to read.
  • Download and go ahead.

Steps to download Manga Go on iPhone

  • IOS do have the app for Manga.
  • First of all, go to the app store.
  • It can be done from iPhone and iPad.
  • After that, it is crucial to type Manga Go on the search bar.
  • Select enter and from drop-down menu.
  • Then select Manga Go.
  • Just wait for a bit to let the app download and after installing, start using it.

How to delete Account on Manga Go?

If you do not want to use Mangaowl Go any more and want to delete it, the follow the following steps…

  • First of open the given like –
  • After that enter your email id  and password.
  • For making the sign up process complete, one has to complete the captcha.
  • Now go and click on delete the account.
  • This is it; your account has been delated.

What are the Advantage and Disadvantage of Mangago?

Just like any website that has pricy involved somewhere or the other, it is crucial to know the advantages and disadvantages of Manga Go website.


  • UI, which is known as User Interface, is very good of the website.
  • One would not see bugs and advertisements on it.
  • It means that the reading fun would be at the best.
  • One would find manga’s that is very hard to find otherwise.
  • Blot ware is such not a problem at all.
  • Even the hosting of the website is very good.
  • There are huge collection of free Mangas.


  • Sometimes, Manga-go does stop working for some days.
  • Many times, users can see the very issue troubling the readings.
  • When the new chapter comes, the traffic on the website booms, and leads to the website not working well.
  • Some of the 18 plus Adult manga’s can be looked at on the home screen.
  • For kids, it do make things uncomfortable.
  • Kids who are minor can access to some of the Mangas they should not.
  • The trust issue is not work good for the growth of the website ahead.

As the publishers of manga do have the rights, they try everything to pull down the website and hence, it does make users feel that not always this website would work.

Sometimes you are reading a manga comic and somewhere or the other it stops. Hence, a user waits for the days to be manga back on the platform. As  Manga Go is free to use, the publishers try to you the copyright act to remove their manga’s from the website. The people of Manga Go do mostly resolve the issues but it takes some days. They have not made the tie-up with Absence, so users do not get any disturbance from the ads. The main reason of making the website is to make the manga free to read for all. Hence, it does benefit them also to not have ads as the makers can take subscription from the users and make money at the larger scale.

What to do if Manga Go website is not working?

Follow these tips with the website is not working….

  • Go for incognito mode. It is available on every browser. The incognito mode would help you to see Manga Go work as a lot of many trackers do stop. If the internal problems are stopping you to open the website, then Manga Go can be opened in incognito mode.
  • If it is still not working, then opening the website on a different browser would work very well. It does make the chances of opening an website well.
  • If these points are not working, then installing a VAN would work as it can change the location and other properties of the system. This method does increase the chances of opening a website that is not working otherwise.
  • However if the VPN is not working well and your are still not able to open the website, it means that the wesbite is blocking the VPN and not letting you to enter into the website. At that time, it is crucial to turn off the VPN as it would increase the chances of the website working.
  • If this website is still not working, then resetting the browser can be the best option to move ahead. It does help the random efforts to move away. If you do not know how to reset the browser, then follow these steps.
  1. Open Chrome – Go to Setting – Reset it.
  2. Then a person has to restore the settings.
  3. It will show a warning massage. After that it is time to reset the setting and come back to the home page of the browser.
  • Cache is one of the most common problems that do lead a website not working and opening. It does happen because there are many corrupted files in the system. If one wants to start opening and using well the website again, then it is crucial to clear the cache. It can make the browser free and ready to form the usual shape. It does make many errors go away from the website.

First of all, it is time to open the browser. Then go to the setting’s address box. This follows as Chrome – Settings – Clear Browsing Data. After that, press the enter button. It would clear all the data from Chrome.

The other way to do it is go to cookies and cache section and remove all the browsing data. It would make the Browser history and data free.

  • Even after doing all, the website is not opening, it would be great to reinstall the browser. It would take some time, but the chances of opening the website would increase.

Use quick access menu – Key + X shortcut would allow to pick apps and features.

Then one can locate the programs and then go to uninstall button and make it uninstall.

After that the only thing one needs to do is reinstalling the application. It would help you to reopen Mangago again.

  • At last, if the website is working for all and not for you, then troubleshooting would work very well. It would clear the DNS cache for the website ISP’s relevant version would make it work. It can be done on the desktop/laptop. Command prompt must be used at fist. Then by typing flushdns and then do the enter command.
  • If still the IPS is making the access limited, then OpenDNS or Google DNS would be best alternatives.

What are some of the most popular gernes of Mangago?

Managa Go is running in not-for-profit-organization and hence, it gives the user free comics to read, making it a famous website for manga lovers. Manga has come from Japan but it is now famous all over the world. It makes the website in-demand worldwide. There are many genres but sports, mystery, horror, adventure, romantic, motivational, comedy, romantic, fantasy, fictional, historical are the most famous genres but there are many other genres coming and it makes the overall outlook of the website in-demand always. Some famous Manga such as

  1. my mother gets married again mangago
  2. a divorced evil lady bakes cakes mangago
  3. Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler
  4. secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23
  5. keep it a secret from your mother

How much do we know about Yaoi mangago?

Namco Bandai Games have a long history as games publishers who work on mobile. It is a famous and mega company backed by multi-media. The company is famous for coming up with news ideas that do change the system of universe. 

Taking about Mangago Yaoi, it is a mega collection of over 1,200 mangas. It does have famous mangas like Lucky stars, Bungo Stray Dogs and many others from the list.

NBG, also known as Namco Bandai Games, is the creator of Mangago Yaoi. This does help the users to know what is happening the industry of manga. Hence, Managa Go has been working from 24 months plus to bring something new to the lovers of manga and anime readers. Managa Go app does allow one to read the latest versions of manga and keep up to date. It does keep the even the last version. To every manga readers, it is crucial to have this application as it does save their time to find so many Mangas.

But what happens if the website or app does not work. Then it is always good to have some other options so you never miss reading manga.

Some alternatives of Mangago?

Despite Manga Go is a mega website where one can find many comics they love, it is still against the law to use such websites. Indeed, not many likes to pay the money. But manga lovers should understand that if they are not paying for the work of the publishers, then in future one can’t find new Mangas coming in the market. Hence, it is always good to know some other lawful alternatives to Manga go. It would help to make the pricy world feel that the readers are getting educated and they are ready to pay for their favorite anime and manga. Websites that are not legal are not safe to use. Hence looking at the overall approach we are presenting 4 alternatives to it.


First on the list is Mangairo. The website is not legal but it does have a huge collection Japanese comic. Even the user-interface of the website is very easy to handle. So if you still do not want to pay, then it is a good option. Here is one more option for you.


Mangakakalot is another website that can be used. It does have similar working style like Manga go and is illegal to use. But it is a good alternatives of those who do not wish to spend money on reading their beloved books.

Amazon ComiXology

Amazon is a world-famous brand and is known for its work wide-spread work. It does have a ComiXology, which is legal collection of so many manga’s. It does work on Android, iOS and Kindle. It does have Japanese and manga and western comics huge connection. But it would take a subscription to read and the best part is that the data is safe.

Shueisha – MANGA PLUS

­Shueisha is a well-known Manga website and they are safe to use. The website is famous in Japan in the circle of every manga lover. But the only problem is that it is a paid website and the user has to pay for it. But the safety of data they have is good for one to think to buy it.

Features of the website

Manga Go is still illegal website. But it does still have some features that you can like while reading your beloved manga. Hence, knowing about them is the best thing a manga lover can do.

  • The UI of the website is that good, one can see high-quality manga. This does allow readers to read new manga on the website without spending any money. They are very fast in adding new release on their platform and that too in high-resolution.

Mangago APK – A review?

Mangago APK has been used by many manga lovers as the website is illegal and Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store do not promote these apps very well. Hence, users download the APK file from the browser and it does add in the smart phone of the user. But it can come up with some virus as these links can be or will become hampered, so it is better to not apply the particle without reading about the checks much. But APK does hamper the website’s quality as time to time updates do not come often.


Q Why Manga Go Is Illegal?

Manga Go is a illegal because they do not pay the publishers to add the manga on their website or application. Hence, the website is prohibited to use as it can used for many bad reasons.

Q Why Manga Go is not working?

Manga Go sometimes not work because your system has some problem. The other reason is that the website is down due to some legal and internal issues and it does happen from time to time.

Q Is Mangago safe?

Manga Go is safe and has not harmed anyone yet with using the data for bad reasons. But it is illegal platform so if anything happens due to the website on your system, then even officials of the government would not help you out.

Q How can I remove ads from Mangago?

Manga Go ads can take be resolved by downloading an ad blocker. It does work well and would solve the problem.

Q Can we download Manga Go content?

Manga Go is first of illegal. Even they loot the content, so it is better not to download as it can add some files on your system that you would not like at all.

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