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Olan Prenatt: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career, Net Worth And More.

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Olan Prenatt is a well-known movie actor and a popular skateboarder. He gained popularity through the events such as Arbor, Gnarly, Illegal civilization, and Rogue Status. But, he has had a dream of becoming a professional skateboarder from a very young age.

Now, he has been a popular face on social media and has a great number of fans. Being such a popular personality having a huge fan base, people want to know everything about his life and what is going on in his life.

Olan Prenatt Biography

Olan Prenatt is a popular American skateboarder and actor. Olan was born on September 17, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, United States – making his nationality American. As of 2023 Olan is 26 years old. He is popular for his acting in the mid 90s. Some of his renowned works includes Good Girl Jane and Godspeed, Illegal Civilization 3, Behind the story: We are skateboarders Film and the everything film.

Becoming an actor has helped him to become popular on social media and it has made his craft as a skateboarder known all over the world.

Olan Prenatt

Olan Prenatt’s Age

Olan Prenatt age is 26 year old. He belongs to mixed ethic group and is a follower of Christian religion. The zodiac sign of famous skateboarder is Virgo. However, Olan has confirmed us that he does not fancy these zodiac sign.

He said: “I would say that my friends to follow these zodiac signs but I do not pay much attention towards it.”

Olan Prenatt’s Height, Weight and Body Stats

  • Olan Prenatt height stands for 5 feet and 8 inches tall.
  • His weight stays mostly around 64 kg.
  • His body measurements are 34-29-34 inches.
  • Olan’s eye is of green color and hair color is blonde.
  • His feet size is 8.5 (US).
  • As of 2023, Olan has not done any cosmetic surgery.
  • Prenatt has made multiple tattoos on his body.  

Olan Prenatt’s Early Life

Olan was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. He did spend his childhood with a family of 4. Olan was crazy for having ice cream once a week. He was a huge sports and movie buff right from a very young age. His weekend plans were to watch a movie at a cinema house and watch NBA games. He grew up as a mega fan of NBA side the Los Angeles Lakers.

He said: “I did like to watch movies and NBA games a lot at the weekends that it used to be great moments.”

He did join dancing classes at the age of 9 and did practice the same until he was 13 years old. He did start to learn skating at the age of 4. It was Olan’s mother who did introduce Him to staking.

Olan Prenatt’s Education

Olan did say that he did like to play sports more than academics. Olan did go to Hamilton High School.

After that, he did not fancy studying ahead. He was famous at high school for skating. During his school days, Olan did have 2 girlfriends in total.

He said: “I was never a good student academically as my aim at school was to play sports and make it a part of my career.”

Not just that Olan did take part in many plays during his school days. It did help her out to become an actor also.

Olan’s Parents and Sibling

Tanya Neely is the name of Olan’s mother and Chris Prenatt is the name of his father. Andrew Prenatt is the name of his brother. Olan’s mother Tanya is a professional skateboarding coach. He did grow up with his family around Venice Beach. Olan did share what he did like about his parents.

He said to our team: “I was fortune to have such a beautiful life with my parents as a child. My father and mother had given their lives to make their children happy and this is what I can’t express in just limited words. But I love them.”

Olan Prenatt’s movies and TV shows

Olan did start to learn skates from a very young age. It was the mother of Olan who did introduce him to skating. He is a member of the Illegal Civilization Skateboard Team. Olan did start to get sponsors and it did help him out to turn professional in this sport. As her mother a coach in skating, Olan did have someone at home who did teach him about the core.

However, his career did take to the next level when Olan turned as an actor. In 2018, he did make his acting debut in Mid90s. After that, he did work for Good Girl Jane (2022) and Godspeed (2020). He has also worked in Behind the Story: We Are Skateboarders Film and The Everything Film. He is one of the ultimate combinations where a professional skateboarder is a well-known actor also. This does help him to attract more sponsors. He likes to keep his hair long, giving a very creative look.

Olan Prenatt’s Social Media

Olan is very famous on social media platforms. He does have over 341K followers on Instagram with a user name of @olanprenatt.

Olan did join Twitter in March 2012 but he is not active over there and does not use the platform. However, Olan has a huge presence on TikTok. On Instagram and TikTok, a person can see how much he loves for skating. The fans do also like his long curly hair. It is because of taking part in Hollywood movies and series that Olan has become famous all over the world. He does keep on posting regularly on Insta and TikTok.

Olan Prenatt’s Net Worth

Olan is a well-settled person. As of 2023, the net worth of Olan Prenatt is USD 1.2 million. He does earn money as an actor and skateboarder. Olan does have some good sponsors. He owns one Mercedes S class car. It was his dream to buy one S class from a very young age and in 2021, he did buy his first car.

Olan’s Trivia & Interesting facts!

  • Olan’s hobbies are skating, dancing, acting and hanging out with friends.
  • He does like to carry long and curly hair.
  • Olan made his acting debut in 2018.
  • He does like drink wine and beer but in limit.
  • Olan does smoke.
  • Olan knows how to swim.
  • Olan does not ride horses.
  • He does know how to drive a car and a motorbike.
  • Olan is a fan of NBA’s the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • He is a non-vegetarian.
  • Olan likes Arabic cuisine a lot.
  • He is a fan of Hip Hop and rock music. 
  • Olan does like blue and green colors the most.
  • He is a very good dancer also.
  • Olan can speak just English.
  • He belongs to African-American ethnicity.
  • Olan does like to take part in charity events also.
  • Olan lives in LA.
  • He is a die heart fan of American actor Brad Pitt.


Q Who is Olan Prenatt?

He is a well-known American skateboarder and actor.

Q How old is Olan?

Olan is 26 years old, having born on September 18, 1996.  

Q Who is girlfriend of Olan?

Brittany Colombo is his girlfriend name.

Q What is Olan Prenatt’s net worth?

The net worth of Olan is USD 1.2 million – per 2023.

Q Is Olan Prenatt gay?

No, Olan is not gay.

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