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Hello you all Manga readers, today we are taking about a manga you love to read. “One Punch Man Manga” is an excellent manga series made by ONE, with wonderful artwork by Yusuke Murata. The main character of the narrative is Saitama, a seemingly regular man with extraordinary powers. Saitama can defeat any foe with a single punch, making his bouts unnecessarily straightforward. He is however bored because everything is too easy for him because of his unrivalled strength. Saitama embarks on a quest to meet a deserving foe in search of a real challenge. He runs into eccentric heroes, powerful monsters, and a humorous take on the superhero genre along the way. In a world full of thrills and surprises, “One Punch Man” presents a thrilling blend of action, comedy, and intelligent criticism.

One Punch Man Manga plot summary

  • The story of “One Punch Man” centres around Saitama, an ordinary man who unexpectedly turns Into a superhero. Saitama stands out because to his incredible power. He can easily defeat any foe with a single punch, earning him the moniker “One Punch Man.”
  • Saitama, however, remains unfulfilled despite his extraordinary powers in One Punch Man Manga. He yearns for excitement because his struggles don’t present any genuine challenges. He longs for adversaries who will challenge him and put his strength to the test.
  • Saitama runs into a variety of people—both allies and enemies—while looking for deserving antagonists. Genos, a cyborg seeking retribution from a formidable foe who devastated his hometown, is one such ally.
  • Genos becomes Saitama’s student and follows him on his quest to find opponents who can deliver a genuine challenge.
  • Saitama and Genos travel the world as a team, avoiding superheroes, monsters, and unforeseen encounters. They work to renew Saitama’s sense of adventure and demonstrate his superior strength to the world.
  • The plot of “One Punch Man” deftly parodies the superhero genre by lightheartedly making fun of its cliches and traditions. Saitama runs into a colorful assortment of oddball heroes and bad guys, each with their own unique skills and motivations for conflict.
  • Saitama’s renown begins to spread as the series goes on, attracting the attention of the Hero Association, a group that assigns tasks and ranks heroes. Saitama reluctantly joins in an effort to be recognized for his valiant actions. But his unassuming appearance and unusual tactics make his fellow heroes skeptical and doubtful.
  • Saitama battles more powerful foes throughout the narrative, including the evil Monster Association. He fights in titanic battles with his companions and fellow heroes to defend the city from impending threats.
  • “One Punch Man” explores themes of power, purpose, and what it means to be a hero while blending violent action with amusing and reflective moments.
  • Readers are drawn in by the series’ original premise, engaging cast, and ability to defy typical beliefs about superheroes.

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Best characters of one punch man manga


Saitama is a fascinating hero and protagonist, and while at first it may not seem interesting to watch an anime about someone who can beat practically any opponent with just one punch, seeing Saitama’s irritation and growing ennui gives a lighthearted twist to the cliché of the super strong hero archetype.

It’s impossible to not be entertained by Saitama’s distinct personality and the way he handles his incredible talents while watching the anime – One Punch Man Manga.


Genos, a fantastic hero and second main character who views One Punch Man as his teacher, quickly advanced to the esteemed S-Class in the Heroes Association. Genos, often known as the “Demon Cyborg,” is a devoted person whose primary goal is to get stronger. His ultimate objective is to exact revenge on the cyborg who caused his parents’ terrible deaths.

Genos, who is armed with an astounding collection of cutting-edge science fiction weapons, may not be as powerful as One Punch Man, but he unquestionably ranks among the anime’s most formidable characters.


Tatsumaki is now the Hero Association’s second-ranked hero. She has remarkable telepathic powers that let her control objects with her mind. She once deftly collected and diverted multiple cannon fire from an alien spacecraft that belonged to Boros, which is a significant demonstration of her strength.

Tatsumaki is renowned for more than only her incredible psychic power, though. One-Punch Man fans like her for having a complicated personality. She is frequently described as a tsundere persona who is both endearing and menacing. Tatsumaki loves her sister very much, but when Genos or Saitama tease her, which they do quite an often, she tends to get angry and bratty. She also has a personal grudge against Saitama, though he is hardly aware of it.


One-Punch Man’s second season saw the rise of Garou as a powerful antagonist who replaced Boros. Although others contend that he is more like a monster than a man, he is regarded by many as one of the series’ most strong human characters.

Garou stands out for his obsessive curiosity with various monsters. Garou has a fiery temperament and was once a disciple of Silver Fang. He is easily angered and takes offence when his pride is wounded. Garou has an intense hatred towards heroes and actively seeks out combat with them. He can even challenge Saitama in battle with to his extraordinary fighting abilities, and he easily defeats the majority of other heroes he meets.


Bang, also referred to as Silver Fang, is a hero of great renown among the elite. He is regarded as one of the strongest S-rank heroes of all time and is still tremendously strong at the age of nearly 80. Even the most hazardous threats, known as Dragon-level threats, do not bother him much because of his exceptional physical condition.

Bang first gives off the impression of being a stern, sage tutor straight out of an anime. But he has a terrible secret. He is in charge of moulding Garou, who has developed into a genuine monster. Bang still believes that despite Garou’s change, he can talk sense into him and turn him around through a bloody conflict.

Metal Bat

The 15th-ranked S-Class hero according to the hero association is Metal Bat. He is renowned for being courageous and self-assured and for never backing down from a fight. Without hesitation, he even challenges Sweet Mask, another strong hero.

Metal Bat has a sensitive side when it comes to his younger sister, despite his gruff exterior. Because he loves her so much, he abstains from using violence in her company. He even vowed never to act aggressively towards her in front of anyone.

Metal Bat doesn’t give ranks a lot of weight, much like One Punch Man. Without waiting to understand the villains’ motivations, he is willing to take drastic actions, even killing them. This can be seen in his victories over Senior Centipede and Rafflesidon.

Sonic Speed-o-Sound

The protagonist of “One Punch Man,” Saitama, has Sonic as a rival. He is a highly adept ninja with tremendous speed, which frequently gives him the upper hand in battles. Speed-o’Sound Sonic has certain distinctive qualities, including a very feminine look. People may occasionally mistake him for one of the best black-haired anime females.

Saitama was inspired to overcome the hero after quickly defeating Speed-o’Sound Sonic in the first season of the show. He developed an obsession with outdoing Saitama and went to great measures to accomplish this. He even tried eating monster cells, but he cooked them first so that they had no impact.

Speed-o’Sound Sonic has tried his best, but he hasn’t been able to match or beat Saitama. This tenacious ninja, nevertheless, is determined to succeed and won’t give up until he does.


Tatsumaki’s younger sister, Fabuki, has more limited psychic prowess than her sister but still retains impressive psychic powers.

She is known as “Blizzard of Hell” and is ranked first among B-class heroes. Fabuki frequently gives off the image of being distant and ambitious. She may appear to be confident, yet she actually holds a strong inferiority complex. She battles thoughts of inadequacy and frequently feels overshadowed by her incredibly strong sister.

Due to Sweet Mask’s restrictions and favoritism, Fabuki has been unable to advance into the S-Class despite her ability.

Artwork of One Punch Man Manga

Yusuke Murata’s illustrations for One Punch Man are incredibly popular with the show’s fans. ONE originally created the narrative as a webcomic, but when Murata took over and transformed it into a mangaowl, it became even more well-known. Recent artwork with a beach motif has increased its allure.

The artwork of One Punch Man by Yusuke Murata is simply outstanding. The skillfully created characters and beautiful settings make each panel a visual feast. The ability of Murata to capture motion and action shines out. Readers will feel as though they are in the center of the action as the fast-paced battles and violent action sequences come to life on the pages.

One Punch Man features unique and creative character designs. Each character has a distinctive appearance that represents their personality and function in the tale, from Saitama’s distinctive bald look and straightforward suit to the huge diversity of heroes and antagonists. Murata pays special attention to body language and facial expressions, which gives the characters more nuance and makes it easier for readers to identify with them.


One Punch Man is a manga series that breaks the mold of traditional superhero stories. It distinguishes itself by exploring the idea of heroism through sarcasm and humour. Characters in the series are distinctive and memorable, and the artwork is stunning. Beyond merely being entertaining, it digs into insightful societal criticism, provoking ideas and conversations. Whether you like comedy, action, or delving into deeper issues, One Punch Man offers an engaging and delightful experience that you’ll remember long after you finish reading it.

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