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Rohit Purohit Introduction

Rohit Purohit is a very famous Indian actor who is known for working in the Indian television industry. He is known for playing many roles in a number of television series. He did start his career back in 2009 in Shaurya Aur Suhani and has been famous for doing different shows. Advait Kapoor In Udaariyaan is something that many do know her.

Being a young and handsome actor, he has been chased by a number of girls. Sometimes he does give the look like famous Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan. He has been a name that has helped to move things forward in a manner it has shown that it can be possible to become a huge TV actor in Mumbai despite not having many connections.

He did come from a small city and has created become a huge name. This is what makes Rohit a personality that one should know about.

Rohit Purohit Biography

Rohit Purohit is an Indian actor who is famous for working in the Indian television industry. The Indian actor is known for his work in Shaurya Aur Suhani, Porus, Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii and many other games.

Rohit Purohit
Rohit Purohit

He was born on 8 June 1986 in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Rohit is 36 years old. He is an Indian nationalist. 8 June makes him share his birthday with Mamoru Miyano, Shilpa Shetty and Maria Menounos.  The zodiac sign of Rohit is Gemini. However, as per astrological signs, Libra is his sign. He represents the Indian brown ethnic group.

Rohit did talk about introducing himself as a ‘fun-loving personality’.

“I would call my self as a fun-loving personality who likes to live in the moment as it can be seen as the best way to move forward. This is what makes me happy and calm, living the life to the best,” he shared with our team.

Rohit Purohit Height, Weight and Physical Stats

Rohit Purohit is a handsome Indian man who stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall. The Indian television actor comes up with dark brown eyes and hair. It does complement his fair brown skin. He does come up with going to the gym on a regular basis. It has kept his weight at a good level. Rohit does weigh around 83 kg.

For skincare purposes, he does use the products of Clinique mostly. It is the same products even world-famous singer Harry Styles does use. Rohit does spend around 2 hours at the gym. It does include lifting weights, doing yoga and various other tasks for staying fit. But he has not done any cosmetic surgery on his face or parts of his body. Even his wife Sheena Bajaj does take care of her body very well. This does show a lot about Rohit and the way he takes care of his fitness.

Rohit Purohit Family

Rohit Purohit was born and bead in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Ashok Pareek is the name of his father and Sarita Purohit is her mother. He is blessed to have a brother named Rahul Purohit, who works in Dubai. Hence, one can find out Rohit going to Dubai for meeting his brother. His mother is a homemaker and his father is a businessperson.

He did spend his childhood in Jaipur.

“I do not like to talk much about my family life. However, all I can say is that they are the best family ever as the way they do take care of everything is just inspiring,” he said.  

Rohit Purohit Professional Career

Rohit Purohit did start his career back in 2009 for Shaurya Aur Suhani. It did see him getting work in Adaalat and Aise Karo Naa Vidaa in 2010. It did help him to make his profile better and create a look that has given him more and more work.

In Razia Sultan show, his role of Malik Altunia was hailed very well. Alexander in Porus and many other works of him have created headlines from time to time. He did also make an appearance in Box Cricket League 3. It is a celebrity cricket league contest. However, most of his shows have not worked for more than two to three years. As in Indian TV serials, there is a possibility of running the shows for five, seven or more years. Hence, it does give a downside that there is no longevity get in the career.

However, Rohit has been getting project after project. This means he has done something really good as coming from a small town and indeed making an impact is a lot.

“I am happy with the bit I have done. It does push me very well to keep on working hard and make my acting skills better,” she said.

Rohit Purohit Love, Marrige

Rohit Purohit had two girlfriends before meeting co-actress Sheena Bajaj. However, both relationships did not work out very well. Hence, he started to date Sheena Bajaj for six years in 2013. It did lead them to get married on 22 January 2019 in Jaipur. It is the place Rohit has born and brought up. Sheena is also a famous Indian television actress. It did make the marriage famous for people to follow.

They did share the pictures and videos with their fans on social media. One can now see them posting pictures on Instagram and other social media networks. Purohit does have a YouTube channel where one can know the couple from the inside as many do know them as TV actors only.

It feels from their Instagram that they are leaving a happy life and it has helped them in a mega way. It is something Rohit does like a lot.

Rohit Purohit Social Media

Rohit Purohit has a diversified portfolio on social media. More than 217K followers do tell the fact that he is a famous name on Instagram. Here one can see his love for family and work. Rohit is on Twitter also, with 16K followers. He did join Twitter in October 2010. He has a decent profile on Facebook also.

Rohit does use social media as a tool to make his brand profile better. Here one can also see his love for premium Ray-Ban sunglasses.

He is very much active over there and does like to share golden moments with his fans.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Rohit Purohit has a net worth of USD 3 million. He is a rich Indian TV actor who is working since 2009, so it is obvious that he has created good wealth. He does have a Mercedes GLE. Rohit does have a mega collection of 30 luxury sunglasses. He is kind of obsessed with them.

Even his wife Sheena Bajaj does have a net worth of 2 million. It does make them rich a couple. They do live in Mumbai and have a 3 BHK flat. It does show the richness of the couple. In Mumbai, Rohit and Sheena do help two NGOs. It does help both animals and humans. The main source of their income is working as actors in movies and series.

Wife Sheena Bajaj

Sheena Bajaj is one of the most famous actresses in the Indian television industry. She was born on   16 June 1993 in Mumbai, India. Riya Bajaj is the name of her sibling and Raja Bajaj and Anju Bajaj are her parents. She did start her acting career at the age of 10 for Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. But, in 2007, her show Cambala Investigation Agency did give her the base for two years which has helped her out very well. Since then, she has kept on working very well and has got show after show.

In the show named Best of Luck Nikki, Sheena did play the role of Dolly Singh and many do call and remember her from her character role.

However, she has kind of stopped working after 2019. Possibly, she is taking a break after getting married in 2019. One can soon see him on shows like Big Boss and all as she is not working as of now.

Rohit Purohit: Hobbies and Trevia

  • Rohit Purohit is from Jaipur where she was born and bred.
  • Rohit does like to wear printed shirts.
  • Black and white are his favourite colours.
  • Rohit is a huge fan of Indian actor Salman Khan.
  • He is a Marvel movies fan.
  • Rohit does like Indian and Japanese cushions.
  • Rohit is a huge pop music fan. He does like to hear Hindi, Punjabi and English songs.
  • Rohit is the husband of Indian actress Sheena Bajaj 2019.
  • He does like to wear sunglasses a lot.
  • Paris is a beloved holiday destination of Rohit.
  • He did start working in the TV industry in 2019.


Q Who is Rohit Purohit wife?

Indian actress Sheena Bajaj is the wife of Rohit Purohit. They did marry in 2019.

Q How old is Rohit Purohit?

Rohit Purohit was born on 8 June 1986 in Jaipur. He is 36 years old.

Q Is Sheena Bajaj married?

Yes, Sheena Bajaj is married to actor Rohit Purohit. They did tie knots in Jaipur in 2019.

Q Who is Rohit Purohit?

Rohit Purohit is a famous Indian television actor.  

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