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Solanin Manga: Introduction

Solanin manga is one of the Japanese manga series. As we all know that manga is a comic books and graphic novels which is originally published in Japan. So, solanin is a series which is written and illustrated by the Inio Asano who is now best known for his most going to be manga Oyasumi Punpun.  Solanin was also serialised on Shogakukan’s weekly Sunday from year 2005 to 2006. The English language was also released in North America by Viz media. It is a two-volume manga about the life of the twenty and something, inspired the Asano’s experience after leaving the university. Solanin is amazing manga, and it really feels real to watch and read.

Solanin tells the story of Meiko Inoue, a twenty-year-old something works in an office and living with her boyfriend, Naruo Taneda, in Tokyo. This manga was later turned and adapted into a live action film which is directed by the Takahiro Miki and Starring Aoi Miyazaki as a Meiko’s character. This film was released in Japan in April 2010. After that in year 2017, eleven years after the solanin manga’s original publication, a new chapter was also published by Shogakukan’s as a part of the New Japaanese edition. In solanin manga the music was given by the Asian kung-fu generation ent (atsushi horie). It includes different genres such as coming of age, the romance, and slice of life, action, drama.

Solanin Manga

Character Info About Solanin Manga:

Meiko Inoue graduated from the university two years ago and started living with her boyfriend Taneda. She exactly has no real goals in life and stepping into a society as rather as a very clueless person. Meiko is working as an office lady, but later she realised that she is not happily growing and decided to quit her job. Having an unscheduled with her routine, Meiko still enjoys the sense of freedom but after that her uncertainty soon returns and Meiko and her boyfriend is going to must learn to embrace their unpredictable future.

Plot Of The Solanin:

As Meiko and Taneda had graduated from the university two years ago. They have really no goals or directions and they both are clueless that what to do. Meiko works in an office to pay the rent of the house in which they are living, and Taneda also works illustrator in a press company and is earning just enough to help a bit with Meiko. They are unhappy with the continuity of their life, after that they takes a big decision and Meiko decides to quit her job and Taneda also devotes himself to write the first proper song for the band group. Having a sense of brokenness from their old routine, they started finding themselves uncertain of the things that where their new life will take them to. Later on, Meiko and Taneda come out of their walls to embrace their unpredictable future together but and unexpected incident occurs with them, which change their lives and the lives of their friends for forever.

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