The Best IP Geolocation APIs for Accurate Data Insights

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There are many advantages of obtaining geolocation information of our users in our applications. By obtaining the geographic location of our users, we can develop strategies on many issues, increase user satisfaction and even expand our applications to new countries. All this is possible by obtaining and analyzing user location data. Today, web services that help us obtain the location data of our users are called IP geo location API. Performing our transactions with the best IP geolocation API will provide us with the most accurate data.

The working principle of an IP geo location API is basically to query the location data corresponding to the IP address in a database with millions of address information and provide it to us. With this API, we obtain the IP addresses of our users when they enter our applications and send them to these APIs, and then we obtain the geolocation information of our users. Although there are many IP geolocation APIs that we can use in our applications today, the accuracy of the data provided by these APIs is very important. In this article, we will list today’s best reliable IP geolocation APIs that we can safely use in our applications.

Top Reliable IP Geolocation APIs

In this section, we will introduce the most popular IP geolocation APIs in the market that we can use in our applications.

The ipstack API

home page of the ipstack best ip geolocation api

The ipstack API is one of the most popular IP geolocation APIs today. This API provides us with more than 2 million geolocation data in over 200,000 cities worldwide. It has a global IP database.

This API provides the location data corresponding to the IP address with a lot of useful information. Some of this information is unique information such as time zone, currency, continent information of geographical location. It provides us with data in both JSON and XML formats. Finally, we can easily integrate this API into all programming languages.

The ipstack API has multiple subscription plans. The first of these is the free plan. With the free plan, we can use this API for up to 100 requests per month without any payment.

The ipapi

home page of the ipstack best ip geolocation api

The ipapi is one of the fastest-running IP geolocation APIs on the market. It provides location information corresponding to the target IP address in just seconds.

The ipapi also offers us a bulk IP address lookup service. In this way, we can obtain geolocation data of multiple IP addresses with a single HTTP GET request. It provides the city, ZIP code, latitude, longitude, and even daylight-saving detection information of the location corresponding to the IP address.

This API is a free IP geolocation API. With its free plan, it offers us the opportunity to use up to 1,000 requests per month.

Abstract IP Geolocation API

home page of the abstract ip geolocation api

Abstract IP Geolocation API is just one of many unique services that Abstract provides.

This API supports 4 million IP addresses worldwide. The data it provides are remarkably highly accurate. Also, it updates its data daily in real time. Additionally, this API has bank-level security. Finally, this API also offers us a CSV upload service for bulk queries.

This API does not have a free subscription plan. The first paid plan is only $9 per month for 200,000 requests.

The ipdata IP Geolocation API

home page of the ipdata ip geolocation api

The ipdata IP Geolocation API is a very reliable IP geolocation API used by thousands of companies today. Rogers, Cisco, and Adobe are just a few of the popular companies using this API.

While this API provides us with the location data of the IP address, it also offers many different services. Proxy and VPN detection services are one of the most popular features of this API. Moreover, this API also provides us with threat intelligence feeds service for an IP address. In this way, we can also obtain information about whether the IP addresses of our users are secure.

This API gives us 1,500 free requests per day for our non-commercial use. Their paid plan is only $10 per month for 2,500 requests per day.

The ipinfo IP Geolocation API

home page of the ipinfo ip geolocation api

The ipinfo IP Geolocation API is one of the most popular IP geolocation APIs today, providing very detailed information about an IP address. It has official libraries for more than one programming language.

This API is used by Tencent, SAP, eBay, Payoneer, Vodafone, Nike, and many more international service companies. Its infrastructure is quite strong. It can handle 50 billion requests per month. It is a very easy-to-use API.

This API offers us 50,000 requests per month for free. Their paid plan is also $99 per month for 150,000 requests.

The ipgeolocation API

home page of the ipgeolocation api

The ipgeoloation API is one of today’s free IP geolocation APIs. Companies such as IATA, IKEA, and VMware actively use this API.

In a groundbreaking manner, this API delivers an extensive array of invaluable information. It equips us with essential data including country, city, state, ISP lookup, language, zip code, country calling code, time zone, current time, sunset and sunrise time, as well as moonset and moonrise time. It supports both popular data transfer formats like JSON and XML, ensuring efficient access to this geographical location information.

The ipgeolocation API offers us 30,000 monthly requests for non-commercial usage free of charge. The daily limit for this free plan is 1,000 requests.

What are the Common Use Cases of the IP Geolocation API

In this section, we will talk about popular use cases of the trusted IP geolocation APIs that we listed in the previous topic.

  • Content personalization: With the IP geolocation API, many businesses today customize the content they serve based on their users’ geographic locations. For example, the news site offers the latest breaking or popular news on the homepage according to its users’ location.
  • Targeted advertising: It is one of the most important use cases of the geolocation API corresponding to the IP address. With this API, businesses can present ads with different campaigns or content to their users at certain locations. Thus, businesses can thus create a more effective advertising strategy.
  • Fraud prevention: The IP geolocation API can be used to avoid and block online fraud. For example, if a user tries to access from an IP address different from where they normally are, this could be considered a potential fraudulent attempt. This is an effective step that ensures security and easily eliminates situations that can create data vulnerabilities.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Businesses can use the IP geolocation to analyze and report on the geographic distribution of its users and the frequency with which users in geographic locations use the application. With this information, businesses can develop location-based strategies in the areas of growth and marketing. For example, businesses can identify special discounts and campaigns for locations where they have fewer users.


To sum up, today there are many APIs that provide IP geolocation services that we can use in our applications. These APIs help us in localization, security, analysis, and many more. With a reliable IP geolocation API, it is possible to take our applications to the international level.


Q: What are the Some Popular Geo Location APIs for Using My Next Projects?

A: There are many APIs in the market that provide IP geo location service. Not all of these APIs provide reliable and highly accurate data. Here are some of the best IP geo location APIs you can use in your future projects:

  • The ipstack API
  • the ipapi
  • Abstract IP Geolocation API
  • The ipdata IP Geolocation API
  • The ipinfo IP Geolocation API

Q: How Does the IP Locations API Work?

A: An IP locations API provides us with the geolocation data of the IP addresses it receives from the user. This API queries the obtained IP address in the database that has address records. Then, it provides us with the location data obtained as a result of the query with a data transfer format.

Q: Is the ipstack API a Free IP Geolocation API?

A: Yes, it is. While the ipstack API has multiple paid subscription plans, it also has a very popular free plan. With this plan, users can benefit from this service with up to 100 requests per month. No credit card information is required to sign up for this plan.

Q: What are the Use Cases of an IP Geolocation API?

A: There are many use cases where businesses and developers use an IP geolocation API in their applications. Some of these use cases are as follows:

  • Content personalization
  • Targeted advertising
  • Fraud prevention
  • Geographical limitations
  • Analytics and Reporting

Q: What Fields Does the ipstack API Provide in the JSON Response?

A: The ipstack API provides very detailed geolocation information in the JSON response it provides. Some of the fields provided by this API for the geographical location corresponding to the IP address are as follows:

  • Continent code
  • Continent name
  • Country code
  • Country name
  • Region code
  • Region name
  • City
  • ZIP code
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Currency
  • Time zone
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