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Travis Kelce Girlfriend: Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Breakup and More

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Fans are witnessing a lot of breakups these days but the Travis Kelce girlfriend breakup news hit differently. The couple – Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole broke up in May of 2022 after they had been dating since 2017. But why do you think they called it quits after five long years of being together?

Who is Travis Kelce Girlfriend?

Kayla Nicole

Travis Kelce Girlfriend name is Kayla Nicole. And she is indeed the talk of the town. He was madly in love with Kayla Nicole, who is a singer and social media star. As both of the persons were famous, it made their profile also shine to the very best manner. Defining Kayla in deep, she is a famous Youtuber, with millions of subscribers.

But Kayla is not limited to YouTuber, her presence is good on other social media platforms and then she is a well-known singer. She was born on May 26, 2001, making her 22 years old and Her nationality is American, as she was born in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Kayla Nicole Age

Kayla Nicole Age is 22 Years. Gemini her zodiac sign. Travis ex-Girlfriend is of American-African ethnicity and she follows the Christian religion.

Travis Kelce Girlfriend Physical Stats

The physical Stats of Kayla Nicole are as following…

Kayla Nicole Height5 feet 8 inches
Kayla Nicole Weight127 pounds (58 kg) approximately
Kayla Nicole Body Measurement34-28-40 inches
Shoe Size9 (US)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Body TypeCurvy
Cosmetic SurgeriesLip Job, Botox and others
FitnessYoga and Exercise

Travis Kelce Girlfriend – Early Life

Kayla Nicole was fun indeed. Her parents were stable, so there was no such burden. As pointed out already, the separation of Kayla’s father did hit her very much and hence, Kayla did miss living with both of them together.

But she was loved by her stepmother and hence, they do share a good relationship. While growing up, Kayla was amazed at hip-hop culture and mega shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She watched all 20 seasons of the mega show. It was something that pushed her to come into the entertainment industry.  

Travis Kelce Girlfriend’s Education

Kayla Nicole did get her basic education from her hometown in California. She did study up until high school there before joining Pepperdine University in Malibu. It did help her to get Broadcast Journalism degree. Right from the collage days, Kayla was into modelling and this did make her famous very much.

It felt that Kayla had love for arts and debates and this is why she did go for Broadcast Journalism degree. At school, Kayla loved to read comics more than books. It was like a must for her when having a break. She was never into academics much.

Kayla Nicole’s Parents and Siblings

Roosevelt Brown is the father of Kayla and Robin Curry is her mother. But Kayla Nicole did not see her parents staying together because soon after their work, Kayla’s parents got separated. And hence, her father Roosevelt married Cathie Jones Bellard.

It makes Cathie her stepmother. Sidney is the younger sister of Kayla and both of the siblings are very connected. It was not the best childhood for Kayla as while growing up, she did not see her parents living together. Kayla wanted both her parents in the signal roof and it did lead them to meet from time to time.

People question Travis’s net worth after Travis kelce girlfriend breakup news

Travis kelce girlfriend breakup news

Travis came up with the 50/50 rule effective, but he has a net worth close to $65 million. A sound of relief hit when the Kansas superstar made it obvious that the reason for the break-up is nothing more than a rumor. In a podcast, called ‘The Pivot Podcast’ he denies all of it.

Moreover, Travis clarifies that a hundred dollars here and there in a relationship of five years is not a big deal. He also went in support of Kayla mentioning that her finances were on track and that she has always been good financially. 

The 50/50 rule as a break-up reason is a ‘lie’. But what’s real is the break-up and that the couple has called it quits after being together for five years. Also, both have deleted Instagram pictures of each other, giving a clear idea that they are no longer together. 

Travis Kelce’s girlfriend’s breakup reason

According to several rumours, Travis Kelce girlfriend Kayla Nicole was making it extremely hard for him to manage his finances, and his wallet seemed to struggle. It was also said that Travis brought up the 50/50 rule, but reportedly, Kayla wasn’t happy with this. And because Travis made his ex-gf split bills in things like dinner and trips, Kayla Nicole was upset. 

Travis Kelce girlfriend breakup

Well, unfortunately, the real reason for their breakup remains a mystery as none of the two are ready to disclose it in public. 

Final thoughts Travis Kelce girlfriend Breakup:-

Nicole and Travis had already broken up once in 2020 but got back together. A few fans say that their 2022 breakup is intense and there’s no chance the ex-couple is reuniting. On the other hand, many believe and wish that they get back together as their love is nothing less than magic.

Travis Kelce Girlfriend: Professional Career

Former Travis Kelce Girlfriend Kayla Nicole is a famous singer and social media superstar. She has millions of followers and subscribers. It does help Kayla to form good earnings from YouTube and on Insta, she does collaborations with several bands. This is another way of earning for her. On the plus side, she is into the business of singing and it also works very well for her. But it is perfect to say that YouTube is the first platform that has given her the base to shine and then she has transferred it to other streams of income.

Social Media Kayla Nicole

Kayla Nicole is a famous name on social media and specially on YouTube. Having 5.47M plus subscribers on YouTube does tell a lot about Kayla. And on Insta too, Kayla has more than 658K followers. It is social media that has enabled her to have a successful life.


Kayla Nicole’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Kayla Nicole net worth is around 2 million USD. All these huge sums have come from her social media business. She has a luxury SUV and a pool-facing house. Kayla does donate a bunch of money to the kids in Africa. It is the main place where she does charity.

Kayla Nicole Trivia & Interesting Facts

  • Kayla Nicole and Travis first started to date in 2017.
  • Kayla Nicole and Travis parted ways in 2022.
  • Kayla Nicole’s hobbies are reading books, singing and playing golf.
  • She does know how to drive a car.
  • Kayla likes to drink wine at the weekend.
  • She likes Asian food a lot.
  • Kayla is a decent sports fan.
  • Kayla liked to eat ice popsicles a lot as a child.
  • Pink and red are the favorite colors of Kayla.
  • Kayla’s ex-boyfriend Travis is a famous NFL star.
  • Kayla is a dog lover.
  • She is a non-vegetarian.
  • Kayla does not smoke at all.


Q Is Kayla Nicole and Travis still together?

In 2022, Kayla Nicole and Travis did part ways. They first started to date in 2017.

Q Is Kayla Nicole married?

Kayla Nicole’s marital status is signal. She is not married yet.

Q Do Kayla Nicole and Travis have a baby?

Kayla Nicole and Travis do not have a baby together while they were in a relationship from 2017 to 2022.

Q What is Kayla Nicole’s age?

Kayla Nicole’s age is 22 years old as of 2023

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