Turk Lesnar: son of brock lesnar and sable

Turk Lesnar : Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Father Brock & More.

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Turk Lesnar is a celebrity child who is the son of WWE professional wrestler and UFL Hall of Famer Brock Lesnar. Although his mother Sable is also a well-known name in the world of professional wrestling, Turk Lesnar’s rise to fame is largely due to his parents.

Turk Lesnar Biography

Turk Lesnar is a celebrity kid, who is known to be the son of WWE legends Brock Lesnar and Sable. Turk was born on June 3, 2009, in Webster, South Dakota, United States. Now his age is 14 years, he have zodiac or sun sign is Gemini and nationality is American. Because of his father Brock is from Canada, that’s why he have Canadian nationality also.

Turk Lesnar
Turk Lesnar with his brother and father

Turk Lesnar Age, Height, Weight, Body Structure

If we talk about Turk’s physical appearance, then his age is 14 years as per 2023 and Turk Lesnar’s height is around 4 feet 9 inches and weight is 45.36 kg, his eye color is blue and his hair color is blond. He has not got any tattoo done on his body yet unlike his father.

Turk’s Educational life

Turk Lesnar is studying at very fancy schools in the United States as his father is very rich. However, he is not the kind who has an inch of interest in academics. Hence, Turk has taken ice hockey as a way to make a career where he does get great schooling.

He does also a bit of mixed martial arts and it does help Turk to grow in a better manner. As the family does have a sporting background, it feels as if Turk is putting his all to make a career in sports and not look for academics.

Turk’s Relationship Status

Turk does not have any girlfriends yet. He is the friend of several girls but Turk has not started his journey to have a girlfriend as he is a bit young to start the very journey. It does tell how his life is. He has many good friends. But Turk has not started a life where he is in love. Most of the time he does spend playing and watching sports. Hence, it does not allow him to have a girlfriend. It is the threats of his father which is pushing him to make an impact in the very best way and lead things ahead in the very best manner.

“Turk is young to have a girlfriend. I always want to kids to do things at right time so they can learn to set right examples. Hence, he always likes to see sports first and then see about other aspects of life,” her mother Sable said.

Turk Lesnar Family

Brock Lesnar and Rena Marlette Lesnar (Sable) are the parents of Turk. Mya Lynn Lesnar, Luke Lesnar and Duke Lesnar and Mariah Richardson are his siblings. In which, Mariah Richardson is someone that he sees as eldest sister. Hence, he is lucky to have an elder sister who gives all her efforts to make life of Turk very good and it has helped her to become a stable name.

Brock Lesnar Family
Brock Lesnar Family

Turk Lesnar Siblings

Turk Lesnar feels fortunate to have many siblings. Duke Lesnar is the real sibling of Turk Lesnar and their father and mother are the same. Then he has other half-siblings. From his father’s side, Luke Lesnar and Mya Lynn Lesnar are his half-siblings as their mother is Nicole McClain, who is the ex-partner of Brock. He also has one more step sister, whose name is Mariah Richardson from his mother sable ex-partner side.

As Mariah’s father died when she was very young, it did allow her to get the love of a father from Brock and hence, she has a major role to play in letting Turk and other siblings know about the value of life. Hence, Turk does have a very great relationship with Mariah Richardson. It does help him to get the love of his elder sister, who treats him very well. With others, it is like the relationship of normal siblings. They fight and have a very good life.

Turk Lesnar Relationship with Brock Lesnar

Turk Lesnar has a famous father Brock Lesnar, who is one of the top 50 most famous people alive in the world due to his association with WWE. Brock Lesnar was born on 12 July 1977 in Webster, South Dakota, United States. Brock Lesnar age to be 47 years old. Brock Lesnar weight is 130 kg and how tall is Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar height is 6 feet and 2 inches. He is also a former mixed martial artist and amateur wrestler.

After making an impact in WWE, Brock joined UFC on June 2, 2007. It took him four fights to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion. He did beat Randy Couture on November 15, 2008, to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship. He did defend the title twice before losing the battle to Cain Velasquez. He then battled twice, once lost and once with no results. He did retire from UFC on July 9, 2016. In between that he did gain fame in WWE and is still working where there have been not many bigger names than him.

Brock Lesnar with Son Turk Lesnar
Turk Lesnar with his father Brock at a WWE event

Hence, many fans do respect him lot. He is the poster man of WWE. It does tell a lot about Brock Lesnar and the impact he has made. This does tell a lot about the mega career he has had. He did play American football also for some years but he did not manage to make a career in the very field.

Turk Lesnar Relationship with Sable

Turk Lesnar’s mother Sable(Rena Marlette Greek) has a very big name in the professional wrestling world of WWE, where she did meet her husband Broke Lesner and started a very sweet life. Sable was born on 8 August 1967. Sable age is 56 years old. Sable weight is 54 kg as of now and Sable height is 5 feet and inches tall.

Sable : Brock Lesnar wife

On August 10, 2004, she did retire from the sport. At that time back in 1996, it was known as World Wrestling Federation. She made her debut at WrestleMania XII in March 1996. Her job was to escort Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the ring.

Brock Lesnar Married Life With Sable

Turk Lesnar parents brock Lesnar have several relationships before marrying with sable in 2006. They did meet while working for WWE. The pair fell in love and married and welcome two children two their in lives also. His father Broke Lesnar was in a relationship with Nicole McClain before marrying Sable. They did even welcome two children Luke Lesnar and Mya Lynn Lesnar into their lives. However, the pair separated and started a new life.

Brock Lesnar Married Life with Sable
Brock Lesnar Married Life with Sable

Her mother was married to Wayne Richardson from 1987 to 1991. However, Wayne did lose his life in a car accident in 1991. Hence, she lost her first husband tragically. Mariah Richardson is the child of Sable during her life with Wayne Richardson. She then married Marc Mero from 1994 to 2004.

Turk Lesnar Social Media  

Turk has not made an account on social media. As his family is a bit of an introvert, they do not share many things about what is happening in the family. But Brock lesnar and Sable has a Fan made account on Instagram with 6.5k and 177k followers, where fans shares their all life long moments Turk has a dog and for him playing with him is the best thing possible.

Turk Lesnar Net Worth

Turk Lesnar net worth can’t be calculated as he is not earning yet and even his parents have not transferred the money to his possession yet. However, he comes from a very rich family. His father Broke Lesnar net worth is USD 27 million and it is growing after every year. Her mother Sable net worth is USD 10 million.

It does show that he does have a lot of money to spend and live a happy life. Turk does participate in the charity events his parents take part in, which shows the great things he is doing write from a very young age. He has a good house and cars, at this age, making Turk a very rich person.  

Turk’s Hobbies And Other Interest

  • He is a huge WWE fan and does like to follow his father’s journey.
  • He likes to swim, play with his friends, watch superhero movies and eat fast food.
  • Turk does like to travel but he is not mad about it.
  • White and black are the colors that do attract him the most.
  • Turk is a huge WWE and UFC fan.
  • Other than his father, he is a huge fan of John Cena.
  • Turk does like to watch NBA games also.
  • He does like to play basketball also.
  • Turk is a huge fan of Canadian singer Justin Bieber.
  • He likes to swim and be in sports cars.
  • Turk likes to eat pizza and ice cream the most.
  • He is not a huge fan of reading books.
  • Turk aims to become a WWE star in future.
  • Wayne W. Richardson and Marc Mero are the stepfathers of Turk. Out of which Wayne did lose his life in a car accident.
  • Turk loved to play with dolls up until the age of 7.
  • He liked to color walls too up until the age of 10.
  • Turk does not like green vegetables a lot.
  • He does like the Harry Potter film series a lot.


Q How many kids does Brock Lesnar have?

Brock Lesnar does have four children named Mya Lynn Lesnar, Luke Lesnar, Turk Lesnar and Duke Lesnar. He is also the stepfather of Mariah Richardson.

Q Who is Sable married to?

Sable is married to Brock Lesnar. The pair did marry in May 2006 and have two children named Duke Lesnar and Turk.

Q Why did Lesnar leave UFC?

Lesnar left UFC because he joined the game late and surfed major defeats and his career in WWE was going well.

Q How rich is Brock Lesnar?

Broke Lesnar has a net worth of USD 27 million as of 2023. Hence, he is a very rich man. Most of his money has come from WWE and then UFC.

Q Who is richer WWE or UFC?

WWE is way richer than UFC as they have a deep history and mega fanbase.

Q Who is Mya Lynn Lesnar?

Mya Lynn Lesnar is Brock Lesnar Daughter and sister of Duke and Turk.

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