Understanding the Role of Lifestyle Changes in Addiction Treatment

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Recovering from addiction is a huge life change. It’s something to be proud of and should be viewed as an achievement. Becoming and staying sober is not an easy feat to accomplish.

However, things don’t stop after rehab. Rehab is not an easy process, either. There will be a lot of changes in your life.

It’s best to be prepared for these changes before you receive treatment. Here are some of the things that you will have to look forward to during and after your recovery.

  1. Better Health

Being healthy is a great goal in life.

It’s hard to have a healthy body while struggling with addiction. Drugs and alcohol, especially in excess, put a heavy toll on the body.

Detoxing from an addiction is often a painful process. It takes a long time to fully detox from an addiction. The side effects sometimes last for weeks.

Once it is over, you will start to feel better. Your energy levels will increase, and you will sleep better at night. These are all great things.

In the beginning, you might even feel euphoric. You’ll probably feel overwhelmed by how good you feel. Use this energy, but don’t try and take on too much at once.

Start by hitting the gym every other day. Or take a short walk outside. There’s no need to start training for a marathon today.

Do what feels right for your body.

  1. New Schedule

Routine will help you stay sober.

Good rehab centers like Studio 64 will help you establish a routine. Routine provides order to your life and gives you something to fall back on when things get tough. And things will get tough.

Routine during rehab will be different than afterward. During rehab, you have a great support network. That’s not always the case afterward.

It will be up to you to create and follow your own schedule.

An easy transition is one of the main benefits of an IOP treatment. IOP stands for intensive outpatient program. It is, as the name suggests, intense.

However, IOPs are much more flexible than inpatient treatments. During inpatient treatments, you don’t have a lot of independence. Much of your schedule is determined for you.

An IOP gives you the power to determine your own schedule. It also enables you to create your own goals and establish a lifestyle that works for you.

Ideally, you’ll want to create a schedule that works with your family’s plans.

  1. Evolving Friendships

Your relationships will change once you become sober.

You will realize who your real friends are. Unfortunately, some friends might have to go. If drinking was your main activity beforehand, things could get awkward once you stop going to the bar.

The friends who stick with you through sobriety are the ones who will stay your friends for life. You might also make new friends during treatment.

At rehab, everyone is going through the same issue. It’s important to remember that you are not alone. Many people struggle with addiction.

Once you start opening up to your friends, you might be surprised. They might start sharing their own struggles.

Becoming sober is a great way to become honest and open. It will help you get to know people on a deeper, more intimate level.

  1. Altered Diet

Everyone’s body has different nutritional needs.

Becoming sober alters your body chemistry completely. At the beginning, you’ll need a diet that helps you adjust.

Luckily, sobriety fits into every type of diet. It’s also a great chance to try new things. Try mixing one of these mocktails from The Spruce Eats.

Learning to cook can be a very grounding activity. It helps you stay in control of your body and teaches you to appreciate nutrition.

Cooking can also be a bonding activity. Everyone needs to eat, so why not start cooking for your friends and family?

They will definitely appreciate the offer.

  1. A New Life

A sober you is a new you.

You will literally feel like a new person after rehab. That’s because you are. Your body is completely different than it was before.

There are lots of things you can do with your new life.

Maybe you’ll be motivated to change careers. Or you’ll start a new hobby that you love. Perhaps you’ll reconnect with old friends.

Think of sobriety as a chance to restart your life.


Recovery is not an easy road. But if you are well-prepared, it will be a bit less bumpy.

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