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Veronika Rajek : Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth And More

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Veronica Rajek is a popular personality as the Fashion Nova ambassador. From setting trends to a sexy model artist, Veronika has always been in the top searches of her fans. The model was in the headlines not only for her beauty and work but also for her comments about a certain NFL star. Her photos get millions of likes and she’s not afraid to speak her mind about the things that matter to her. Veronika also made headlines after talking about “life is hard for beautiful people”. Her fans like to search about her lifestyle such as her biography, career, age, family and whatnot!

Veronika Rajek Biography

Veronika Rajek is a well-known model, Fashion Nova ambassador, OnlyFans star, businesswoman and more. Not just that, she is famous for being a fan of NFL legend Tom Brady. It was the trick that has worked very well for Veronika to gain fame to the 10x level. She was born on 20 February 1996, making zodiac sign Aquarius. Veronika was born in Bratislava, Slovakia, making her nationality Slovak.

Veronika Rajek Biography

Veronika Rajek’s Age

As of 2023, Veronika Rajek age is 27 years old. Veronika is a follower of Christian religion. But she is not that religious.

Veronika Rajek’s Height, Weight And Body Measurement

Veronika Rajek’s height approximately measures around 5 feet and 11 inches and weighs around 57 Kilograms. Her eye color is brown, which makes her look more attractive. Her hair is blond which is one of the reasons for her popularity due to which she looks pretty well. Veronika’s body measurements are noted to be approximately 36-24-26 inches.

Veronika’s Height 5 ft 11 in or 181 cm
Veronika’s Weight126lb (57 kg)
Veronika’s Body measurements36-24-26 inches (91-61-66 cm)
Shoe Size6 (US)
Cosmetic SurgeriesYes

Veronika Rajek’s Early Life

Veronika was born and bred in Bratislava, Slovakia. Now she lives in Mexico and United States, but it was Slovakia where she did spend her childhood. While growing up, the famous American show Keeping Up With the Kardashians did capture her imagination and hence, she did decide at a young age to become a model.

Other than that, she did like to eat fast food a lot. Other than that, Veronika did like to eat ice cream very much. Her father used to take her to football/soccer games as a child. Most of her childhood memories are playing with her younger sister.

Veronika Rajek’s Education

Veronika is a very educated lady. After doing basic schooling from her nation, Veronika did join the Institute of Vzdelavania Poradenstva for getting Master’s in Business Administration. Before that, she did get a bachelor’s degree in MSc. She is fluent in English and Slovak. From a very young age at school, Veronika started to learn English.

It was the time, not many students tried to learn English. Veronika was famous at her school due to his great looks. She was good in everything at school. This was something that did make her famous to a greater level.

Veronika Rajek’s Family

Veronika feels blessed to have Tomáš Rajek as his father and Katarina Rajek is the name of her mother. She is blessed to have a younger sister named Viktoria Matasova. Veronika does not have any brother. Rajek did grow up in a family of four people.

She was born and bred by her parents in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is a very family-ordinated person and does love her father a lot. As a child, she and sister had a plan every Saturday which was to go with his father to the main point of city and eat host of things.

Are Tom Brady and Veronika Rajek Dating?

The hot and Sexy model Veronika gained popularity in December 2022 from NFL match between Tampa Bay Buccaneers game versus the New Orleans Saints, where she declared her love and admiration for Tom Brady. She uploaded a post of herself in Brady jersey. Hence, we can say Veronika is not dating Tom Brady she just admire him as an idol.

Veronika Rajek Husband and Children

Veronika does not have a child as of 2023, but she is a married woman. In 2019, Veronika tied knot with Viktor Rajek, who is known as a Slovak bobsledder. He is known for completing at the 2006 Winter Olympics in two man and the four man events.

Despite many reports came about Veronika not being happy with Viktor. But it feels it is not true, which Veronika did confirm in an interview also, as reported by many credible platforms. Her husband is a businessperson now who owns restaurant chains and more.

Veronika Rajek’s Professional Career

Veronika is a well-known model, Fashion Nova ambassador, OnlyFans star, businesswoman and more. She is one of those persons who gained fame from her OnlyFans posts. It is a key reason behind her fame. And now, Veronika does have a host of followers on Instagram and this does show how well she is working.

Veronika is an ambassador for Fashion Nova brand, which she has confirmed on Instagram bio. She had been Miss Slovakia and an athlete since 2009. She calls herself a positive person and woman with class.

Now she does photoshoots for so many brands in North American and Europe. Mostly, Veronika is known for her bikini shoots and hence, she has mad following on social media platforms.

Veronika Rajek OnlyFans Social Media Profile

It is fair to say that Veronika is one of the most beautiful and followed personality on OnlyFans. For seeing her post, one has to just add card details on OnlyFans and most of her posts would open. She is backed by OnlyFans due to her demand and hence, her account is kind of sponsored.

Even here she does share her Amazon Wishlist where Veronika lets her fans buy things for her. These are a host of luxury items. She is known for her hot body and curves.

Veronika Rajek’s Social Media

Veronika is famous on social media with over 5.4M followers on Instagram. You can also see her on socials media platform such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Onlyfans and others platforms. On Twitter she has over 2.3K Followers. On Youtube she has 784 subscribers.

Instagram linkveronikarajek
Twitter Link@veronikarajek12
YouTube link@VeronikaRajek13
OnlyFans link@rajekveronika
Veronika Rajek Social Media

Veronika Rajek’s Net Worth

Veronika Rajek net worth is estimated at around USD 2 million. Thanks to her modelling skills and social media profiles, she has indeed gained good sums. Just like any other model, she does fancy sports cars, luxury bags, watches, houses and more. Here and there, one can see her doing charity.

Veronika Trivia & Interesting Facts

  • Veronika hobbies are dancing, reading books, riding on sports cars and more.
  • She does like blue and red colors the most.
  • Veronika lives in Mexico and United States mostly now due to her work.
  • She is famous for madly following NFL legend Tom Brady. She does go to the NFL games of Tom and does host of other things that helps her to capture the imagination of media.
  • Veronika likes to watch Hollywood a lot and Chris Hemsworth is the actor she loves the most.
  • Veronika does like to collect luxury bags a lot.
  • She does like host of Hollywood movies and other beloved OTT platform is Netflix and Chill.
  • She has Miley Cyrus, Scarlet Johansson & Kate Upton as her inspiration.
  • She is known as Miss Slovakia 2016 and Miss Summer 2015.
  • At the age of 16, Veronika did start her modelling career.
  • She has worked for the brand like “”Dolce and Gabbana, Blumarine, Vera Wang, Hide & Jack, Moschino and Philip Plain and many others.”
  • She does more swimwear and lingerie modelling.


Q Is Veronika Rajek married?

In 2019, She did marry Viktor Rajek, who is a former Slovak Olympian (winter).

Q How old is Veronika Rajek?

She is 27 years old as of 2023, having born on 20 February 1996.

Q How long has Veronika Rajek been married?

She is married to Viktor Rajek since 2019. But they have not welcomed any child yet to their family.

Q Who does Veronika modelling for?

She does modeling for Fashion Nova and host of other brands.

Q What is Veronika OnlyFans ID?

Her OnlyFans ID is @rajekveronika.

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