Vlogging vs. Blogging: Choosing the Right Path for You

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Both blogging and vlogging are popular and have a lot of potential, they have key differences which may make you stick to one of them. Vlogging is newer and potentially better captivating than blogging which has existed for more than two decades.  You can try social media platform to build your brand. Socialgreg offers likes, comments and followers to boost brand on different social media platforms. Vlogs is the short form of video blogs, video content is utilized in vlogs instead of written material. Blogging on the other hand is a website consisting of written events, images, and recollections.  Keeping readers returning back is the result of a blog that is both engaging and personal in its design. 

What’s Vlog?

A video diary or journal is what is referred to as a vlog. Good vlogs gives the impression that spectators are involved in the life of the content producer and exchange events with them. Also vlogs are efficient in both documenting and promoting for both individuals and corporations. Vlogs utilize channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Among them, Youtube is the most famous. Higher visitors means higher advertising money for vlogging.  Vloggers may also make money by working with brands or being sponsored.  Many vloggers utilize their platform to offer their audience members to take part in paid vacations, courses, and other things. 

What’s Blog?

A blog is a journal, notebook, or educational website online that focuses on a certain subject. Bloggers use text and images to share his/her/pronoun’s knowledge and tell real life events.  Typepad, Reddit and Blogger are a few popular blogging systems.

Revenue can be earned by bloggers through promotion, sponsorship, commissions and collaborations with companies.  Classes, vacations, and other things can be sold by bloggers through their platform. The revenue from ads increases as the number of visitors of a blog increases. However, even if your blog has lower traffic you can generate a lot of money.

Key distinctions between Blog and Vlog

1.The goal

Although blogging and vlogging serve an identical objective, they differ significantly in a lot of aspects. Personal diaries can be created by content creators through both blogs and vlogs.This provides various info into their life and experience to readers or viewers. You can also provide educational information in a particular topic using both of them

Despite the current spike of vlogs due to their exciting video format, the leading blogs continue to effectively captivate their audience by providing valuable insights through written content.  

2.Content creation

The process of creating videos or articles varies substantially across blogs and vlogs. 

Vlogging requires photography skills, but blogging relies on your writing abilities and may help you become a better writer. To captivate an audience in both media, narrative abilities are necessary. You must create a simple website(depends on which platform you are using) for blogging and either snap your own photographs or purchase stock images. The bulk of the material is dependent on your writing abilities. You’ll need a flagship phone or camera for vlogging in order to shoot good quality video. 

Learning to create vlog material might be more difficult if you don’t already have video-making skills. 


When deciding between being a blogger and vlogger, you need to be sure of which platform you are comfortable with. Both provide cost-free ways to get started.

For Vlogging, you can start posting videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and tiktok.

For blogging, there are free blogging platforms like Weebly and WordPress. 

It is important to note that managing a website may take considerably longer than having a YouTube channel although both are easy to do.


To make vlogs you need a high-end PC or Mac to put up videos and a high-quality camera. But for blogs you won’t need a high-quality camera.

As smartphone cameras get better, you could start making videos or take photos using your phone camera. But for now, you’ll need to buy a better camera if you want to make professional videos and photos. If your blog doesn’t have many pictures, you can use a fairly well camera. As you expand your blog or vlog, you might require video or image editing applications.

5.Ads and sponsorships

In vlogging the main way to earn is through sponsorships or by selling something like your merch or other items.In blogging the main way to earn is through ads or brand deals or affiliate marketing.When thinking about vlogging and blogging, it’s important to focus on how you connect with your audience.Your audience is the key to earning money from ads and getting brand deals or sponsorships. 

You can earn money from a blog or a vlog from the beginning then improve it as you gain more followers. 

Tips for Blogging

  1. Know which field you want to focus on:

Discovering what you excel at and combining it with a popular blogging topic can make your blog unique. Instead of a regular travel blog, you can choose a blog that caters to people in Sudan, ongoing wars, or animals,etc.

  1. Popular Domain Name

Having a good domain name is extremely important so that people are more likely to remember. So look for a simple and memorable domain name that’s also easy to remember so that it can help boost your blog’s visitors and sponsorships. 

  1. Being true

Audience members will return for valuable insights and your genuine tone. Anyone can copy paste words written by AI , so differentiate yours by writing with your own words. Showing your true words will draw others towards you!

Also do not include misinformation not only is it bad but it will also damage your reputation.

Tips for vlogging

  1. Having engaging vlog names

Your vlog’s name will be crucial in drawing viewers and increasing traffic.Look at the titles that the best vloggers in your field are using, and make a comparable choice.You may also vlog using your identity if you are famous but it may cause problems.

  1. Knowing your viewers

To generate an appealing vlog, investigate what topics people find intriguing, and grasp how to present your knowledge in a way that captivates your viewers.Take into account the duration, arrangement, and timing of your videos to satisfy your viewers’ desires. 

  1. Going with the flow

Participating in a trend that involves brief videos or something else might assist enhance audience views and organic traffic if the trend is ongoing.

  1. Having Experience

If you’re not a skilled videographer you can’t make engaging content. So, you should train yourself to capture and modify videos to produce engaging and excellent content. 

Which makes more money blog or Vlog?

Bloggers and vloggers possess comparable potential to earn. At the outset, you may not generate any income whatsoever. As your blog or vlog expands, you may make a hundred dollars a month, one thousand dollars a month, or a significant amount more. 

Currently, YouTube promotions offer excellent revenue opportunities for top vloggers. 

Furthermore, vlogging is gaining more fame whereas blogging is decreasing in popularity, thus there may be more possibility for expansion in vlogging. 

Nonetheless, platforms are constantly evolving, and there’s no assurance that you’d achieve greater success with a vlogging instead of a blogging. 


Whether you choose vlogging or blogging, both of them are excellent choices.Both can make you money or help make your company more popular.Even if you may not be able to make a lot of money with either blogging or vlogging, they allow you to share your knowledge and grow professionally.

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