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Ahmedabad to Indore

Experience a refreshing break from the urban rush by embarking on a weekend escapade from Ahmedabad to Indore, a captivating destination teeming with cultural depth and historical importance. This concise manual will unveil an ideal schedule to maximise your brief respite. 

From the peaceful banks of the Sarafa Bazaar to the grandeur of the Lal Bagh Palace, Indore offers a wide range of experiences. Delight in delectable street cuisine, explore age-old temples and immerse yourself in the lively local scene. Whether your preferences lean towards gastronomic pleasures, architectural wonders, or a tranquil getaway, Indore has it all. This guide will cover Ahmedabad to Indore distance, and how you can travel by bus. Allow this handbook to serve as your ticket to an unforgettable weekend adventure.

Places in between Ahmedabad to Indore:

The trip from Ahmedabad to Indore presents a scenic route through the heartland of western India.

Mahesana: An exciting stop along this route leads to Mahesana, renowned for its historical significance and ancient temples. The Modhera Sun Temple, an architectural wonder displaying intricate carvings and exceptional design.

Rani Ki Vav: Continuing your journey from Mehsana town in journey from Ahmedabad to Indore next comes Rani ki Vav. It is a valuable experience where you can uncover the exquisite step, acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Unjha Town: Unjha town is celebrated for its lively spice market, providing a delightful sensory experience with its diverse aromatic spices and herbs. 

These interim destinations along the route from Ahmedabad to Indore offer a peek into this region’s abundant cultural and historical fabric.

Indore City:

Indore, the largest urban centre in Madhya Pradesh, enchants guests with its distinctive fusion of heritage and contemporaneity. This city is named after the Indereshwar Mahadev temple as “Indrapura.” This vibrant metropolis is celebrated amidst verdant surroundings for its abundant historical legacy, lively traditions, and exceptional cleanliness standards. 

Indore is a thriving nucleus for central India’s education, commerce, and industry, embodying its forward-thinking ethos. Recognized as the “Culinary Capital of India,” the city tantalises palates with diverse gastronomic pleasures, ranging from street fare to upscale dining. 

Places to visit in Indore City:

After covering Ahmedabad to Indore distance, You shouldn’t miss the following places to visit: 

Rajwada Palace: Rajwada Palace stands as a captivating testament to the glorious history of the Holkar dynasty, showcasing its splendid architecture. The surrounding market area complements its charm, making it a must-visit for those interested in history and culture. 

Kanch Mandir: The Kanch Mandir, also renowned as the Glass Temple, presents a unique religious site crafted entirely from glass and mirrors. Its intricate glass craftsmanship and tranquil atmosphere render it a truly captivating place for devotion and photography. 

Sarafa Bazaar: Sarafa Bazaar comes to life in the evenings, promising an exceptional culinary experience. Indulge in a wide array of street delicacies, confections, and snacks, all of which Indore is renowned for, creating a haven for food enthusiasts.

Lal Bagh Palace: Lal Bagh Palace is filled with lush gardens and a museum exhibiting an extensive collection of art and historical artefacts. The palace provides a glimpse into the rich lifestyle of the Holkar rulers.

Annapurna Temple: The Annapurna Temple, dedicated to the goddess of sustenance, is celebrated for its intricate architectural design and spiritual significance. It offers a serene setting to pay homage and find inner peace.

Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya: The city’s zoo, Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya, offers an opportunity to observe a wide variety of wildlife. It’s a delightful outing for families.

Patalpani Waterfall: Patalpani Waterfall, a tranquil natural wonder nestled a brief hike from Indore, is surrounded by lush greenery. 

Central Museum: The Central Museum, also recognized as the Indore Museum, houses a diverse assortment of historical relics and sculptures, providing valuable insights into the region’s rich heritage and culture.

Chhatris of Malwa Sultanate: The Chhatris, domed memorials that signify the architectural and historical prominence of the Malwa region, offer a glimpse into its regal past.

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary: For those seeking a retreat into nature, the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary offers hiking trails and opportunities for birdwatching within a tranquil natural setting.

Indore City Lodging Options for Your Stay:

Let’s read about hotel you can stay while travelling from Ahmedabad to Indore City: 

Hotel Linear Inn: Located in the heart of the city, Hotel Linear Inn offers comfortable rooms at reasonable rates. Guests appreciate its proximity to shopping areas and popular eateries.

Hotel Shreemaya Residency: This budget hotel combines affordability with quality service. It features clean rooms, an on-site restaurant serving delicious local cuisine, and a convenient central location.

Hotel Winway: This hotel is located near Indore’s railway station. Hotel Winway offers a pocket-friendly stay with well-furnished rooms and essential facilities. It’s an excellent choice for people on a budget.

Hotel Amaltas International: People will get an experience of pleasant stay without straining your wallet. Hotel Amaltas International has cosy rooms and a location that allows easy access to the city’s attractions.

OYO Rooms: OYO has a strong presence in Indore, offering a variety of budget-friendly options. You can choose from a range of OYO properties scattered across the city, catering to different price points.

Backpacker Hostels: Indore also caters to backpackers with a selection of hostels. These budget-friendly options often include dormitory-style rooms and communal spaces for socialising with fellow travellers.

Guesthouses: Numerous guesthouses in the city offer affordable rooms with a homely atmosphere. They are a fantastic choice for people who are looking for more personal touch during their stay.

How to Reach Indore from Ahmedabad? 

Covering Ahmedabad to Indore distance via bus is practical and cost-effective. Numerous private and government-operated bus services ply this route, promising a comfortable voyage. To embark on the journey from Ahmedabad to Indore, you can catch a bus at the Ahmedabad Central Bus Station or other specified terminals. The travel time typically spans 7 to 9 hours, depending on the chosen route and traffic conditions.

For the return from Indore, you can simply book tickets. From Indore to Ahmedabad buses are available for departure from the Sarwate Bus Stand in Indore. The fare of Indore to Ahmedabad bus depends upon the time you’re booking tickets. If you’re travelling to festivals, there is a possibility of high charges. Travelling during the off-season from Indore to Ahmedabad bus, charges can be low.

Verifying the bus schedules and securing your tickets in advance, particularly during peak travel periods, is recommended. The Indore to Ahmedabad bus journey offers a chance to relish the picturesque vistas en route while presenting a budget-friendly mode of conveyance.


To sum it up, Indore, a city rich in its historical and cultural heritage, presents a wide range of exciting places to visit and places to stay that can cater to the preferences of any traveller. From the enchanting Rajwada Palace to the peaceful Patalpani Waterfall, Indore boasts a diverse selection of attractions waiting to be explored. Regarding accommodations, the city caters to various budgets, offering choices that span from upscale hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses.

Regardless of whether you have a passion for history, an appreciation for nature, or a love for culinary delights, Indore has something unique to offer you. Additionally, travelling to and from Ahmedabad is made conveniently accessible through well-established bus services. Beyond its attractions, Indore’s appeal also lies in its welcoming hospitality, making it a gratifying destination for all travellers.

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